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To the giants. Replay on KNB are six eighty the sports leader. We have reached the seventh inning. It's a three to one lead for the. For the cardinals after this half. Gooding? It's the seventh inning stretch sponsored by dignity health. Hello, human kindness. So the new pitcher hick sees the kid that just throws extremely hard. And the giants are going to have to speed things up a little bit because he could get that basketball up there. Yes. He can fourth pitcher the night for the cardinals three one. That's their lead. Austin Slater stands in against Hicks. The right hander who pitches and at first one just ninety nine that's all. But a guy by the catcher. And it was not a strike wanna know. And he will do that Jordan Hicks, seventy four innings. Thirty eight walks issued this year. Pitched this is his seventieth appearance of the year. He's pitched a lot. The one oh Slater takes at one. Oh one ball to. One hundred one. Yeah. And I don't think he's trying yet. These are the warm up pitches sorta. And they're they're they are like they're like sinkers. Duo Alan sinks, low three at one two. Now are playing for keeps. Come on. Where's that one zero five? We keep hearing about. He is just turned twenty two years old. Jordan Hicks from Houston. Texas three oh is in there for a called strike Slater tossed the Vata waves started to take the elbow guard off. Sorry, Mr. empire. My bet. Yeah. That's the second time. Now, he thought he had ball four is last time up. And a check swing was ruled a swing on appeal that struck him out. Now, he thought he had four it was called the strike. Three and one. Hicks to the play. That is wall four. Now. You can toss the bat aside leadoff. Walk giants will take it. Absolutely. Not what Jordan Hicks wanted to do. Well, the walk is. Hey, it's part of the offensive strategy tonight. The giants have used the walk. They walked three times in a row in the third inning. After a longoria doubled to get their only run the game. They don't actually have a hit that has driven in a run. Just the walk. So Alan Hansen is gonna hit for Bumgarner year from his strong side the left side Slater at first nobody out answered the tying run. The pitch is called strike at one hundred and one miles an hour. Jordan, Hicks, seventy four innings to home runs allowed. I wonder who those two were. How do I how do I find that out? It's called the internet. The Owen pitch to Hanson. He growls one and a diving attempt by Wong. He couldn't get it base. It into right field Slater around second Hillhead third. Alan hansen. Another pinch hit his time. A single the giants are in business. First and third nobody out against Jordan Hicks. Did not think that ball is going to get by one Wong. It right now. It looks like he can get to everything. He was cheating in just a little at that. Double-play position may be cut off his angle a little bit. He came real close. You did. But Alan Hansen will take it. Here's Gregor Blanco. Keep the middle infield at double-play position Jerko off the line at third. Hansen's got great speed at first Hicks. Pitches. And he misses down in at one hundred and two miles an hour ball one. One thing about Alan Hansen. No matter what the radar gun says throw him fastballs. He's gonna hit them. Alan Hansen is one heck of a fastball hitter. And we all say that about a lot of giants hitters. The giants has team have struggled against fastball. Here's a swing and a foul back out of place. One in one giants best fastball hitter is on crutches and back in San Francisco, and that has hurt because for sure. Look the hip issues. We're talking about BUSTER Posey probably did allow them to hit the fastball as well this year either. Three two one cardinals giants threatening.

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