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Keep moving because we're short on time for nine hundred fifty eight fifty eight the number bills in fresno welcome back man hey thank you hey real quick i mean i'm not catholic and i don't care what any living man tells me i believe the bible right but but i also don't believe he said that i think he was misquoted so but i am at the big church on faster johnson for forever and during a sermon wedneday he said you know people ask me now faster was the first person to tell you check the scripture right don't believe me yeah but one day one sunday he said you know people ask me what heaven and hell's like and he said all i know is this personally god created the earth to be paradise right and he said so i think heaven his earth without sin and he said than hell for me help for me would be sitting in a chair and reminded of every person i've ever heard every aggressing life ending with hurting jesus by not accepting and knowing for eternity there's nothing i can do about it and then he said that we could all relate to it you could have heard a pin drop in the sanctuary and so for help for me would be living in eternity reminded of every time i've ever heard anybody but knowing i could never ask for forgiveness bill i appreciate the call and i if there is a hell what you've described and paraphrasing pastor johnson that's that sounds like hell to me i appreciate the call and the the reminder because johnson was a great pastor and he had a lot of insight into the good book built thank you very much one more here before we scoot tim in turlock i got about sixty seconds man it's all yours thank you feel what do you think about lazarus and the rich man story i think i think that it is if you're going to an older translation it's a story of a soul being cast into ghana which more closely matches the fire and brimstone that we think of when we talk about hell today i it doesn't it doesn't really line up with she'll which is apparently where everybody's waiting for the millennium tim thank you for the call.

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