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It'll all be right there on the channel very excited. Dan's doing that. I think it's fantastic very excited at is back. This was a very good show to kick off a very big weekend. So so yeah. I highly suggest the you taking out this show. There's some really great stuff on this card absolutely rate stuff. So then we. When i say we as a christian and i we were traveling to saint saint louis missouri to go to the nwea show so we had actually actually parked cars at. I'd say cars. We don't we don't travel in separate vehicles. What am i talking about. We parked our car at at a so that we could sit down and watch the show and then we get we head on over to. We get to saint louis and then the next day the nwea shells. I got to see empower. I got to see seventy three. And if you ask me you know it's a tale of two different almost like i was watching two different. Promotions put on put on wrestling shells. Let's talk let's talk it through though. Of course this was all happening at the At at the chase park plaza hotel historically significant for the nwea which ran tv shows. They're at the park and on tv for. I think the better part of three decades like it the mid fifties to the mid eighties close to three decades so very significant return for For the national wrestling alliance absolutely one hundred percent So got to the venue. And i really liked. I like the setup. I it was very very simple but still had a level of pageantry to just the room itself. Has these wonderful chandeliers. Very high ceilings has a nice sense of nostalgia when you go in and get in the ring. Everything was set up wonderful. I thought i thought the venue made sense. It looked really good. And now we're going to get to so the first show that that we saw was was empower which was very very very good..

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