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You can follow Chris. Kirschner coverage of the Atlanta Hawks at the athletic dot com. Here are some other stories. Were following the lead New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean. Payton has tested positive for the corona virus becoming the first confirmed case in the NFL. Payton said he's fatigued but didn't suffer any respiratory issues. He self quarantined at home and says he's looking forward to a full recovery. Payton also said that. He decided to come forward with his diagnosis so that others will take government warnings about the virus seriously. Meanwhile Boston Celtics Guard. Marcus smart to Lakers players three members of the seventy sixers organization and a member of the Denver Nuggets Organization have all tested positive as well in a bit of a surprise move the Los Angeles Rams released pro bowl running back todd on Thursday girly has been the centerpiece of the rams offense ever since he was drafted number. Ten overall in two thousand fifteen rushing for fifty eight touchdowns which tied the legendary Marshall Fox all time Franchise Record. He was also a key member of the two thousand eighteen rams team that made it to the Super Bowl but injuries did slow down. Early last year girly has had a good attitude about it. Although tweeden quote damn got fired on my day off Hashtag quarantine and chill and finally as if it weren't bad enough for Boston Red Sox fans who just superstar mookie Betts traded to the dodgers. The team announced Thursday. That left-hander Chris Sale will have Tommy John Surgery and missed. The season sale has a career. Three point zero three era but is coming off one of his worst years where he went six and eleven with a four point. Four era in twenty five starts. Of course we still don't know when or if there will be a season as the corona virus pandemic continues to rock the sports world. That's it for the week. Everyone thanks for listening. Our producers are Caitlyn. Plummer Chris Siegel and Chris Colin Editing and production by senior producers Lee Hernandez and Matt strope fact checking and writing by an Hurley. Sound Design and mixing by Weidong Lynn. Aaron May and Joe Richardson. Our theme song is composed by Lindsey Graham. The executive producer of the lead is under scelzo. Our editorial director is me the Davidson. Our Show is executive produced by Lea Hernandez Marshal Louis an airman Lopez for wondering from wondering the athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson. And I'M UNDERSCO. Stay safe and we'll see you next week.

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