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Anywhere anytime just ask your smart speaker to play WJR by fifty talk more about the bills and the NFL draft. Tony pauline. Joining us from draft analyst dot com and the draft analyst podcast, and he brought up some nuggets about the bills on his most recent podcast. Tony it's Howard and Jeremy good morning. How you doing today? Okay. Thanks for having me. So Tony you're thinking, you're you're saying the three guy it's a three man race for the bills. I pick. That's the way. That's the feeling. I'm getting at this point to me, either Andrei Dillard to left tackle, John. Williams of Alabama who left tackle or it Oliver. If he slide down I can't get a grip on how much they like TJ Hopkinson. Highest rated tight end. Do I think, you know, fit a need? I just don't know at this point in time how they feel about him on their draft board. That's the feeling I'm getting I mean, all all three of those guys was still a needle feels guys are terrific players, especially the, you know, the offense of live and you bring a Josh Allen last year. You gotta protect a young quarterback all things being equal. If those three guys around the board who do you think is the best of the group? Oh, Adele, no doubt about it. I mean, I think that overseeing some wild swings thought he was ridiculously overrated going into the season last year. What people thought he was be pick of a draft. And then for some reason all of a sudden people have been the bottom around one, which I thought was equally ridiculous. But I think when you get into that area eight nine ten spot each good value. He's terrific player. He's got a good amount of upside, you can do a lot of different things with them. He does have some liability. He's not a big strong guy. But I think he's a three down player if you use them properly and the to lineman now, again, let's say it's one of those two guys. Let's so they want to bolster the offensive line even more for Josh Allen. Do you have a preference one over the other? I like Andrei Gillard better because by think he's more of a pure left tackle at I think left tackles rated R rated much higher. I'm not sure that you wanna Williams can play left tackle the next level. I think he's better off a guard or center, but there are some teams that I'm told like the. Bills and the New York Jets who feel Joan Williams can play left tackle in the NFL. You know, you mentioned Hopkinson, but in your podcast, you do bring up a tight end for the bills. But after round one drew sample, right? Yeah. He he's he's a from Washington. He's more of a traditional, you know, Hopkinson. It is more the down the field. You know, go Bertil stretch to seem type guy where Jewish samples more of your traditional three down tight end. He's not as fast as Hopkinton, although he can get into intermediate field. He is a very good reliable pass catcher. But he's an outstanding blocker. So where Hopkinson may be a liability on third to where you want your tied into block. It's not because of lack of effort just doesn't have the strength or size. This point you sample can be dominant block on third and to the short yardage ago line situation. So, you know, he's more of a throwback which is why he's gonna go to its rounds later than Hopkinton. He doesn't have that speed. He's not, you know, a tight end up plays a game like a possession machine as we see the NFL. These days still a very tight, and he's a lot like Jesse James. And I know the buffalo as I said in the podcast the bills made a big run at Jesse James. The the free agent tight end from Pittsburgh who went to Detroit. The offer him a significant contract James has decided he wanted to play Detroit. So sample James have similar type games. We are with Tony Pauline on our west her hotline again, it's draft analyst dot com if you'd like to go to his site Hopkinson and fan if you had to compare and contrast, the two Iowa guys, what would you say about them, and what kind of separation do you think is is between them on the board so to speak. I think fans is the better athlete. Hopkinson is a much better football player vantage faster, he tested better to combine. He looks better in shorts and a T shirt. But on the field Hopkinson outplayed fans almost weekly last season at at Iwa any show much more progress in his game on the field. I think fans probably a hockey is probably gonna be top fourteen pig top fifteen picks. I think sandwich ended up bottom. Owed around one. The I don't know that the bills would go with wide receiver with their first pick. But they have had three other guys in for pre draft visits AJ Brown decay Metcalf in and kill Harry, who would you prefer out of that bunch. And why in the in the first round, none of say. Second round. If all those guys are available in the bills are picking one of them. I like AJ Brown. I think you know, he kinda lost out in the the pre process to decay Metcalf because Metcalf ran really fast in a straight line and jump really high. But when you're looking at a pure receiver guy who runs routes guy who catches the ball. Well, got who catches the ball fundamentally well with his hands? I like AJ Brown better. I do like Mikhael, Harry, you know, but I do like Brown a little bit better the thing with Mickey K Metcalf is just I don't think he's going to be there in the second round. In fact, I put my put a lot of money on. He's not going to be there in the second round for the bills. You know, he's a big fast guy at any one fast in a straight line, and he gets downfield and he jumps over people. He catches the ball. But he's not a good receiver. You know? He's a great athlete. Who's got a lot of upside? But he'll he's also got a big bus potential. He doesn't run good routes doesn't catch the ball. Very, well, even if you watch the Combi workout Belva, catching passes drop passes. If you watch the film, he doesn't seem to know where he is field each one out of bounds on certain routes. So he needs a lot of work. Now if you hit on him, you got you hit a grad slammed. But if you don't you're going to be continually disappointed, one of the other things you were talking about in your podcast was the jets a lot of stories out of New York that they're really they really wanna trade out of three and get more picks what kind of activity trade activity. Do you think we will see a head of bills? The bills at nine in that top eight. I think you'll see some quarterbacks. I think, you know, first of all you gotta look at see what San Francisco does. I do believe San Francisco's going to look to trade down. They're going to work the phones they're going to wait until the very last minute Jefferson. Cisco did a good job in free agency dressing, they're free. They're pass rushing need by trading for D Ford. They signed him to a teen friendly contract so situation with San Francisco where they don't trae down. They can take Nick, bows and not worry about it. Although they've really overloaded in the draft on a defensive line three of the past four years. And then you have to see what you know with the jets. I mean, if Nick Bose's is there for the judge, I think they'd take them otherwise the jets have so many holes. When I talked about hold on talking about starters pass rusher. Offensive line quarterback that they need so many players that they address in free agency. Even though they had all this money. I think the jets will you know, they're almost in a situation as I said the podcast where they're desperate to trade down because they have to come out of the draft with two or three starters. If that if that happens if one or both of those teams trade down, I know you mentioned both. I am listening to you talk about that. Tony of teams are going up for quarterbacks and bozo or Josh Allen are on the board. All of a sudden how how hard should the bills pursue trading up to maybe get one of those guys. Well, I mean, it depends on how I don't think Nick is gonna pull that far. I mean, if somehow the jets pass him up at three I think the the the Oakland Raiders could not rule will not could not run faster to the death with the with the car with his name on it. As far Josh Allen. I don't know the Josh Allens a real good fit for the bills. You know, he's more of a a standup type guy. He's a good pass rusher. He's a good three four outside linebacker. But I think he's just he's got to get a little bit stronger at the point of attack because I think he could be alive against the run. So, you know, I would would they should they look at considerate and see see what it would cost to move up. You know? Absolutely. But I I just don't think that the guy like Josh Allen would be good fifth of the bills defense. I know you were talking about Oliver earlier. But what about the concept of moving up for Clinton Williams? Is that something you think the Bill should explore? If it doesn't cost that much. Yes. I. Mean Williams is a guy who could fall more than most people think I he's one of my hobbies my second highest rate play right now behind Nick foles. I love him on the field teams you concerned that he's a little bit naive off. The field may be a small market team. Mike buffalo may be a good place for him. I mean, I'm sure they've got some highly way to play falls, you know, Josh Allen or or Quin Williams. I'm sure they would consider moving up. It depends on what the price is. I would if I'm the bills. Anyway, I'm not giving away a whole lot to move up to get quitting Williams when I could potentially get at all I'd like win Williams a lot, but you know, to get at all. Or one of the offensive tackles. And then maybe at US. Your rub tight end need in the second day of the draft. And the other thing I want to bring up with your Tonio are the quarterbacks because what happens with the quarterbacks in the first round can have an impact on what's going on with the bills at nine. Whether they you know, they keep the pick. They trade down because there's a team at wants to get a quarterback. How many guys do you think go off the board before the bills picket nine at quarterback? I'd be surprised if it's more than two right now. I think it's going to be highly Murray at the top of Arizona, then it's going to be Dwayne Haskins to either the raiders of the giants or maybe another team that moves ahead of them. To get twain asking Hatton is my number one rated quarterback. I think highly marriage a situation where the coach in Arizona really wants them. I do not see you lock top ten selection. I don't I really don't see drew lock is top twenty selection. He's going to go in the top twenty. But I think there's just too much boom and bust factor to do locks game. And somebody's going to be disappointed because you need so much work on his game. So right dance. Your question. I I think it's two Murray. And Wayne has some where does Jones ended up going is on your board? Yeah. I like Daniel Jones a lot. I think he's going to need some time. I have MS late first rounder depending on what happens with the Washington Redskins. Whether they make a trade for Josh Rosen, depending on what happens early with the giants. If they lose out on twin Haskins, I think Daniel Jones could end up in the middle part of around one needs some work on his game..

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