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Put a lot of thought into this and i just try to wonder because for chase utley he's a career baseball guy and he's mr baseball in terms of the way the game is played and all that stuff it's just chase utley is he is baseball personified and in a sense given the way that the game is changing he might be the last of his kind he's one of the last of his kind he's he's been around the block what was it like for chase utley to say that he's hanging it up to spend so much time in his life and be so passionate about baseball for all these years to have the success that he's had to have that rebirth in la when a lot of people just thought he was over and done with you made a nice role there he's done a great job with the dodgers for what the kind of player that he is at this point the age that he's at what was it like for him to finally at this stage in his career seat that's it i just can't imagine what that was like and what it was like for him how excruciating z said he's thought about it for a couple of years but to finally acknowledge it is is something totally different than to think about it down the line for chase utley to finally have that moment to say you know this is it i'm done with baseball i'm not gonna play anymore i can't imagine it's just it's heartbreaking to think about because he is such a likable guy use the the stalwart of what baseball has been for all these years and i think in part his reputation is going to be a big reason why he will get into the hall of fame and we can certainly talk about that as we got a couple of minutes left at eight eight eight seven.

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