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Experience also very intuitive you sort of presents you a top down view about what you'll ballroom about virtual banquet or the ballroom where you have abel's every day we can have specific label for example as if your audience if you are connecting award you'll meet up you have. I'm sure you have an audience. Large audience for your podcast. You might want to just have a what's been meet and greet with your audience right so On an meet you can actually the what should they will as a. Let's say if you if you know sub segments of your audience sex you choose to give a location as a way to come together or lexin interest as a way to come together. And you label that. Would you rule and people can just when they joined on. They find themselves in inevitable with other folks and they can easily switch out and go talk video right so that that degree of freedom that we offer to the participant. That is something that is that was unique at the time and still has to be unique. The baby represented and engaging for from the momentum of lands on an beat the incidentally getting gazed start looking at all the experts on his online. Y person is available on this table that has discussing with that person and let me join right waiting. Yeah okay so. When i when i hear you say that i think a couple of things come to mind i. It's almost like Augmented reality without augmented reality. So being put into these different rooms and stuff. I've i've been involved in some. You know things where you wear the oculus glasses and it's like spatial web or something where you're in. Obviously you don't have to do that to be on air me but it sounds like you're incorporating some of that part of the experience into my on the right track there absolutely bang on On the track. And you don't share something about something slightly non-conventional right. According to meet a brady radio under the age better be live to the much condemn your name any speaker. You can already find a lot of youtube videos at park from that person. Then why is it that you still get attracted to that new event. That is happening right. So why would people crowd to to listen to musk. Why would people still aggregate to listen to. Let's say a novel. Because there is a a non fungible value the presence of the person right so ilan content and knowledge is valuable but announced presented also very valuable and so we have been in the previous industrial revolution we have been able to successfully replicated products could replicate an iphone into millions of iphones and everybody could get their on. I four but we can be cannot do that with a person picket of economic mike right. So mike mike is one nonfunctional entity in the universe and Your presents can only be skilled cannot be appreciated right and your personal values so today it'll technologies like air meet our basically building the presence economy of sorts right so what essentially happens at an event is that I'm able to attract someone's presence dot is enough to attract presence of an audience. And then i unlock the value of the the whole aggregation poulet sponsors..

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