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Oh my God. Who knew couple more things to talk about very quickly. Dave Batista has joined the cast of sack Snyder's army of the dead, which has got me all kinds of excited, and that's the heist movie sent in Las Vegas where bunch of battles mercenaries break into the walled off last Vegas in the midst of this fast Sobe, apocalypse type thing, and they go we don't give a shit about this because we're bad asses. I'm led by Dave, Batista. Presumably so bring it on somebody's. I bet spring on. Yeah. But they tasted brings it honor. Yeah. For his post and game right now that movie is the thing that gets me. He please. Thanks nighter Sohbi's day. Petit Stoev, please anything else. Yes. Some more suicides news suicide school too is. Now, of course, the suicide squad with James Gunn at the helm and this week. It was confirmed file the Davis is gonna return as Amanda Waller who's the politicians sample the team in the first movie, and it was basically the bad guy the movie in many many ways, and it was Elba is not going to be playing dead shot. He is going to be the movie he's going to playing a different character. But they haven't announced yet and John Courtney will return as captain boomerang. So cautiously optimistic about this movie yet, I'm just I'm just a bit confused about what it is. Because it feels like there's so many conflicting reports of it's not really a sequel is a total total reboot except for they're all gonna be returning characters. I have no idea whether they're going to find maybe some almost spy Diversey way of explaining how these wills of kind of totally separate, but they have these connecting characters they've given up. It will be a soft reboot so semi. Equal. But it's affecting the stove something new. Yeah. And James Gunn is involved overseas writer director that's exciting. Do you think there's a possibility this movie might suffer? Just because people will automatically now start assuming this is a movie that he's making before guardians three. You know what I mean? And this movie will suffer almost video sleep in comparison to guardian because this is the one, oh, we'll just once we get this movie out the way, then he can make the movie that he really wants to make to be honest. I think that expectations of new side squad were so low that his involvement. Only the singing dog with director. Yeah. Could only be a plus. So I think actually it will it will people excited. Can I can I mention one final piece of news, of course. Quickly in heights. There's news the heights. Yes. Which is. Thank you. It's those how it goes. Do do do do do do do this is of course, the Lin Manuel Miranda musical that he wrote before Hamilton and actually before bring it on as well. The does not here. No there. It's being filmed by Joan m show he'll has lots of experience with dense movies, which is good. And we now know that Jimmy Smits is going to be on board playing Nina's dad, Kevin he runs the taxi office that employs Benny and is an important role in the middle of the cast and Jimmy Smits is in. So I don't know Jimmy Smits could sing even care if he sings he's great. And I want him in the film. He's really good sad song that character very halt breaking song own. So it'd be interesting to see him in kind of ballot mode. Yeah. Did. Did you see this thing this week were Rachel Segler who Spielberg has cast play Maria in his west side story is to in her final school play this week. That is amazing isn't a is the Aliens school school play. play. I hope it is. I hope it is. Have you seen that care? Some bell also has Disney plus show, which is going to try and reunite the casts of school plays system. Bill. Yeah..

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