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I'd say no I don't I don't care your pain in the ass to work with do not need to work with you. Know thank you but I'll tell you what the people that came in that studio that were a joy to work with. I remember I remember Ingrid Michaelson coming in and being like wells. What's up do you know how cool it is to be twenty five years old nigger Michelson come in and be like dude? I remember you well. How's IT Goin'? Yeah Dude last time I was here a year ago and I was like what are you WanNa plan? She was like well. Last time I was here I played this on this song. And then the time before that you were interviewing me but another guy and I played this song this source. I think it'd be fun if I played this song on this on. What do you think and I was like? Yeah that sounds dope and she was like okay. Let's do this thing man. I remember being like oh I totally understand why Ingrid Michaelson so famous. Because she's so awesome to work with. That was amazing. She came in here. She remembered my name that made me feel so good. And then all of a sudden the energy in the interviews amazing. I'm like yes dude. I want to interview in your model sin. I like your music anyways but like now a huge fan yours. You know to Ryan Bingham. I remember would write me at Christmas card every year. Gino how dope it is and I'm sure it was like Pala sister something but you know how cool it is being a music fan. And I didn't even know if you know Ryan Bingham is but he's an amazing singer. He's the one who wrote the song for that movie. Crazy heart with Jeff. Bridges that one of knocker. He's one of the roof that song and he's in that movie. Actually but anyways I remember Ryan Bingham Africa coming on my show. He'd write me a thank. You know and then every year for Chris he would write me a Christmas card and I'm probably probably was producer. Whatever but you know how far that went for me. Every time Ryan Bingham was in town. Dude you got to be kidding me. If he's not on my show you're kidding me. If he's on a show of course show me and my best friend now coming there what up Dude High Five? Let's take picture he didn't give to. It's about me but he made me feel that way. You gotTa take that mentality into everything you do because you affect everyone every single day you walk into a room you really do even with like your close friend and stuff dude. Energy is so transferable. It's crazy especially positive energy positive energy man so anyways write thank you notes. The common denominator of successful people was thank you. I'm telling you that's crazy but it's true. Handwritten typed to whatever not an email sent through the mail or given to them. Show up like pump to do it. People don't want to fire the guy that everyone likes in the office. Do you know what they WANNA do. They WANNA give back. Ira's so that's my whole thing also. Just don't leave your house right now during this quarantine. That's that's my thing. So after the Bachelor in paradise I met up like a quick thing met Sarah Hyland. We got engaged moved out to Los Angeles. I stopped doing special radio to podcast now. I'm filming a television show. It's not Bachelorette but that got stopped because we can krona. Oh and by the way they just announced it. I did a food. Networks worst cooks saw him to be on that celebrity addition with Jani bananas and Dave Kuya cut it out from Full House and Brian Poe Sane. He's a stand up comedian whose amazing he's also on the new mandatory and show Robin Gibbons. She was in the coming to America. I think some Eddie Murphy movie. She's amazing Sonja Morgan. Who's on like one of those housewives shows and she's just a head case but anyways yeah that's coming out in. May that's exciting and I'd want to be respectful of your time before I let you go. Do Rapid Fire questions and the wells cast wells wells. Adams I kiss. Oh Maggie Finnegan underneath the fort. That was telling you about and we had a kissing shirt. I remember knife out there and we would mark how many times we kissed underneath the slide by like tally marks pizza tapping hot sauce and ranch dressing. First Concert. Think it was Dave Matthews Band at shoreline amphitheatre kimber. Who opened up. I think it was definitely a Dave Matthews band show at shoreline first job too. I had a bunch of good first jobs. I was a bag boy at a golf course. The Coin Valley ranch shout out. Loved that job. That was so much. Fun My buddy. Alex Brands Dad was a contractor says a Roofer and HAD GUCCI GLASSES. This how do she? I was Gucci Glasses and other guy that Alex brother Tommy also Gucci glasses so we dubbed Gucci roofing. And I remember it was not safe at all and we just tied a rope around the chimney and then tight around my waist as I was the the littlest look the thinnest and I could go at the highest up on the roof. That was really fun. Job To I car what's really interesting is kind of a car guy. My first car ever was nine hundred eighty nine F J sixty two Land Cruiser guy. We sold it ninety seven. We bought it in some Valley Idaho in nineteen eighty eight for eighteen thousand dollars. We sold it probably in nineteen ninety seven For I don't know four thousand dollars. Maybe not even that much but I loved that car so it showed that if I ever made money I was going to buy that car back and now by the exact one but I bought mate model year so I to this day. Have the first car that I ever had. I have a nineteen eighty nine Toyota Land Cruiser F J sixty two and. It's the dopers ride you've ever seen also terrible gas mileage celebrity. You get mistaken for dude. I Dunno Benny. The Jet Rodriguez from Sandlot the karate. Kid I do get the kid from the nineteen seventy five a good bit especially when I wore beans other jackets. Allot favorite podcasts. Of did this one my other one. You've everything podcast brandy. Cyrus you should go listen to it. I record cassette or CD. Was it dude? Okay so I stole a Lotta CDs from my sister Marija. I remember stealing grateful. Dead's greatest hits skeletons in the closet. Great album by the way the first record that I bought myself so I don't know if you remember this but you could buy singles on CD or cassette. I bought the single for. Rem's what's the frequency Kenneth the first full album LP long play? That I bought was green. Day's dookie At del Monte sock shopping center and I left it on the fountain in the middle of the shopping center and I had to go back and buy it again. What was Your High School Yearbook Superlative? I do remember. I don't know if we had him in high school. But I remember going to tennis camp and we did superlatives that your book and I got most likely to be on. Snl and that's one that to this day. I'm very proud of. If you eat one food the rest of your life. What would it be? Tacos or.

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