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Small town. Victor. I guess I'm probably not the kind of person you are. Oh, you do not want to be friends with me. Trust me. It's just a it's a bizarre. It. You know, what it looks like just from the previews it looks like gone girl. Have we seen that movie five times already at least? And we hated it every single time. But you saw the predator. Let me just say this very quickly one of my favorite movies of all time as far as cult classics though is predator from nineteen eighty-seven Arnold, Schwarzenegger and everything. And if you remember in that movie, they have this crack unit of at maybe like green berets or whatever and CIA working with them. Well, this the predator flips all that around where you have basically. Not green berets, the not a crack of these military operatives. They use the word rag tag crew. Yes. Yes. The the preview that I saw this morning almost made it look like the a team without the brains. Yes. Very similar. I think that's an app comparison. Everything there are a lot of similarities, it is a direct sequel their music cues are exactly the same. The call backs throwbacks to the original lie there twists on some classic lines. I don't wanna give it away. It's not a great movie. But I thought it was very enjoyable so fun. It's fun. The plots are ridiculous. It's it's absurd. And just about every way it's not serious in the way that the original was actually serious because he took it alien, and he made it into a serious movie. This is not a serious movie. There's so much Cussing. They're more f bombs in this movie. Then there are words in the dictionary. Yeah. That's why I couldn't play clip from it. I couldn't find one. All right. Well, thank you very much. What's coming up on your show this weekend? Well, I have to get back into the swing things. I symbol talk about Pam Paul Manafort, April Ryan, isn't she comes on your show? She's coming on at six thirty tomorrow. If you know her she's got into a lot of testy exchanges with Sarah, Huckabee Sanders. She represents a American urban radio networks and also CNN is contributor. And I've been trying to get on the program for months to just get an idea of what it's like to be one of those press briefings. And how do you ask a question? Awesome. Thank you. Appreciate it. More Kelly in the mall Kelly show tomorrow starting at six o'clock on Sunday at six o'clock as well right here on KFI. All right. We come back. The the one thing that you haven't heard on this this station for a couple of years. The nine news nuggets are coming back. That's gonna be on the Gary and Shannon show. Amy king. What's going on? A woman and a baby have been killed in North Carolina by a tree that fell.

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April Ryan, Sarah, CIA discussed on Gary and Shannon

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