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To board first so love that it's fantastic i just don't want my pilot wearing an ugly sweater and that's where i draw the line and then finally ordered talked with mokhele about the star wars the last jedi i because he saw it on monday because he's all connected and stuff i will talk with him next hour we get into movies but tim this morning all right was at last night it was last night last night a rj as joined is rick johnson is in charge of ara digital technological prospect producer i like that title i'm going to start add that i'm going to add that my email signature you need a bigger card um you were at the amc here in burbank last night yeah and how we got the video of it that's all rick you are that could so you saw the movie you've right yeah you did see it in its entirety i did so i wasn't at the crazy ten pm screening i was at the second one at the one thirty a m that also win out oh boy yeah so they were having a lot of trouble over there at ed amc burbank our dna can it be a press the button all his dwindled it's all gadgil now at right you click play on thing and it goes they said there were some kind of sound synchronization issue so i guess one computer black box was and talking to another one so that's really what the problem loud but it which i think it went for ten minutes or so without dialogue all you hear his music for about ten minutes and the screaming eager fans started streaming into the lobby and it says to complain to the staff i've been in them i worked at a movie theater right noone calmly complains the staff members when you're movies screwed up no they're they're very vocal last night and and while it it can almost got out of hand to the point where police were called of course to come out of course and and d banned the riots that was that was basically happening it was it was not fun i i was really surprised that it got to that point honestly because when my screen went off um the the the amc employees immediately candidate theater started to hand out the ria bitten scoop bonds oh really yeah so either there was.

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