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Eight forty W H A S Tony Dwight Joe halio along for news and commentary. I wanted to say that Tony till from W M F. He says he's bar soap, only, he's kinda Harry and the desks for him Darius towels just check the end, and he said that he's throwing all his lupus and sponges away. So you just get new ones every once in a while. You're just gonna Bora soap like God intended. But you're supposed to exfoliating that. This sponge creates an exfoliating. It does. Just okay. The just take some you to twenty grit sandpaper and just lightly. Get. Wet dry. Very good. I just can't go back to nineteen eighty five. Just can't rub. The soap on my body, and it never really gets soapbox. You gotta go. I don't have any hair. What about no not even between, the stop it? No. I don't. Right, right. I've been best man twice wasn't in your wedding. Who who is your best wasn't brother? No one wasn't. It was less Underwood. That's right. I have forgave your brother. Oh, less was the Reich less harder. Would that was while? I was still I was so unmotivated. In that year. I was just like, oh, I have to be in your wedding. Did did you see topgun? Yeah. Berber the two co pilots are the two pilots Gabar. Gag Rick and moose who elaborate. Do something like that. There were so tight, and they did everything together. Yes. Me unless we're like the two guys at the end of the bar drug looking at them. All right. So. Well, I've been best man twice and I was completely drunk in both winning. So I don't remember the first toast or whatever the best Mantos. How old were you during the twenty? Legal drinking age. This video what you're gonna hear. Okay. I was hanging with all. We're all alcoholics Haley, heavy enough figure that out just worked for yourself. She's got the voice of an angel. Okay. You know, what that sound is a beautiful songbird? Obviously, she is singing, and it's horrific. She is the bridesmaid on the left side the best man on the right side passes out and does the face plant. You heard I heard screaming I thought they were cheering for her beautiful voice. The face plant. He face plant knock three teeth out in Pete himself. Oh, it's like my twentieth birthday. Right. Or is that what happened on your? Or a Tuesday or normal Tuesday night. I've got to get this out. Can you turn it up on your computer? Do you know how to? This is embarrassing everyone. I'm so sorry. If you're listening at home, but so they everyone runs to the bride has got her hands over face. Like, oh my God. What has happened everyone runs to help? And then you got to walk down the center aisle at someone's holding. And he's got his whole criteria is nothing. But so if he like is he awake or awaken dragged? But you could see him pulled on his tie like ten seconds before looks over to the right? He's that's what they feel. They kept telling me, no lock my legs standing there. They teach you that. When you first get in the military there like when you're standing post, don't lock your little lock your leg out. You'll pass there's Tony Bonetti singing at my aunt's funeral..

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