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Millions of dollars still no problem quarantine no problem for her and Joe Joe selling masks and shows like like like slick phenomena bone like she's not doing really. I know she did release music during this. But like you get what I'm saying like that direct comparison shows the kind of ingenuity of younger generation you know and yet Bo Joe is dealing with a lot of the criticism that go Joe Joe dealt with when she was younger and had to like grow beyond and like had to like deal you know. Out of so I think maybe it wasn't interesting. Conversation is just hard to watch because Boho Joe is very much like, yeah. The whole time I turned I turned it off I no problems with either actually have no problems with of them really. But I was like this is really strange. It would've been better and maybe this is just a selfish thing as a written comparison between the two as as a like a dueling profile of out like the differences between like a Gen Z. and A. Millennial mindset and also the music industry and also two girls named Joe Joe and lack both started really young and and like that actually, if somebody put their brain into it, a little bit would be just as interesting if not more with a little bit of context than having to watch them interview each other but that's wishful thinking but you know what? The beginning whenever Go. Joe Joe finds out that Joe Joe's name is. Joel Joni and name is Joe Joe. Joe's name is Joe Noel Joanna Go? Joel go Joe. Joe. Is Trying to point out that it's funny that like she sort of close to Joel by saying Joanna Noel and Joe. Blow doesn't understand that that's what go joe was saying. Right this very of golden girls conversation where Blanche's telling a story about her son's best friend named Andrew Boe and and also. She talks about Android IOS boyfriend whom she refers to as Android IOS bow and it's just a lot of like It's a lot of that and then at the end of the story, she's like now, do you understand why can't tell Dorothy and Roe says I don't even understand who Andrew Bobo is. Nice It's very, very funny. That's what we just we just did a golden girls. Are we doing ten Monterey so? Well, this is funny because this is something I started seeing on. TIKTOK Thurs before it made will sometimes things that have you I don't know if you've been noticing but things that on Tiktok will melt over into tabloid tabloid talk and the tablets will cover these tiktok things and at first it was the lady who was like these people didn't tip like and then we covered it because they caught tabloids covered it but all that stuff starts on. TIKTOK. This one is teenagers were learning that Gotten Barroso ak as the stranger kids thing who also did the verizon ads? That's like. Power Structure Kids thing. Oh. The Stranger kids kid the stranger things kid this danger thinks kid who also did the rise in ads members also get a five anyway what's so great about a one hundred percent fiber optic network that make sure gaming system actually works awesomely. Did you take out the trash? Garbage. He's the he's young Josh Gad. Yes. Apparently he's maintaining unlike some of his cast members a sense of self by working part time at a New Jersey, a Long Beach Island restaurant as a food runner alongside some of his family members and kids were going there and like seeing him and being Ella Mayo what. But like loving it like hugh in acute way. Way And then of course it got picked up by the Hollywood reporter and they're like they called his rap and their leg is he working in a restaurant and they're like yeah. Is it his family's restaurant I saw that it was like he's working there with his family but is it a restaurant owned by someone who? Did Not go that deep because there nobody wrote the restaurant. Okay and couldn't find the islet went back to look for the talks in which I saw I hadn't liked them. So I guess I couldn't but like no one reported out, which is nice. Because they're not revealing the restaurant, it's just a restaurant and he his some of his family members work there right I would my the the cynical part of my brain the alarms would go off if the restaurant name revealed because it's like, oh, yes, he's working at this place at this address on Long Beach, island? Yeah like they want a good press remers funny press for him but like that doesn't seem to be the case. So I think he was pretty incognito because of also the masks stuff like I don't think that that was. Because he was wearing a mask, he was an ASD recognizeable or recognized, and then kids on Tiktok started recognizing him and telling their friends and they would go and they'd see him and whatever. But it's like it's pretty it's kind of like Nice in grounding in a way. having a little job I'll tell you one thing me value rounds never getting a job like to food. Okay. You said it has direct. I made a made a rude reference, but you're right. Millie Brown is not working in food service. Is Like Wolf in Wolf heart like neither are any kids wolford Fart heart speaking of child stars. Tiffany Theissen. Forgot. Amber. Member when she was Tiffany, amber. Forget where where did amber go? It's a really question maybe she thought it was like. Maybe, she thought it was like infantilized thing. Like she had two weird exonerate her young saw from her new self where did amber go? Where did Amer go? Why it happened to the amber tiffany tiffany amber season. There's probably like something on her wikipedia. That's name. Why did she drop the amber because it's not a last name? It's. Divorced or me married? TV stuff tiffany drops, amber. March twenty, nine, thousand read. It read the whole artem writing I'm reading out loud. Read the here's the problem it's on its way back machine. So you gotta give me like fifteen to twenty six while it loads on it, but then please read the way back. Do you think the way back machine when I when I imagine the way back machine like whenever I go to a an.

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