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They won't i hope they won't care about what people are thinking people judging eld them to be free it's the most shocking thing particularly for a mother to read i mean the tagline the baby is dead attorney took a few seconds and it just absolutely goes to the hearts of of any mother reading it now you would pregnant when you won the prize but you already had a child when you wrote it yes exactly and that's why i told you i wanted to explore my own fears are tried to to use my emotions to ride to begin in a certain way it was a sort of get axis it was a way for me to get rid of my own anxiety and to give my anxiety to my readers or you've been quoted as saying that you don't believe in maternal instinct no i don't i think it's um as seem on the bulevar arza endeavoured but on dare i think it's a pure invention of the vettori ecosystem to say to women you know you've been born to be mothers and when you are going to be mothers you have a new you have the duty to be happy and i think it's absolutely false and we don't first of all i think we don't have the duty of being happy when we are mothers and i think that uh it's not the only goal of a woman's life hm absolutely this is a book that expose so many of those ideas in so many different liz it's also a thriller but it's not a whodunnit it's more of a ya done it exactly that's why i decided to begin with the murder because i i wanted my reader to be a sort of investigator and to tried to understand why is such a theory fdic thing happened in phnom on family and in a certain way i like the idea that the parents ignores everything but the reader knows more than the parents so he's going to look at every details that the parents are ignoring and sometimes he wants to warn the parents he wants to tell them be careful she is going to kill your children and i like this idea a job a little bit like cananea suppose is thought of a translator.

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