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Yep went Sir that didn't work I am I took a wrong turn Sir I was told reporters office the post command close the door sergeant yes sit down doors and gore's anytime you want to get rid of that stupid grin you can yes well you look powerful big behind that desk too big for the desk maybe too small for the job you will do what you gotta do cap I was thinking more that we do what I gotta do gore's you want major Daggett tells me that sergeant beers and takes a big load off him sitting at that desk outside but he ain't sitting up there now he's getting his equipment together fixin to move out of major Daggett after reveille tomorrow morning captain Quint elated good brief and sergeant person well what I'd like to volunteer good that saves me an order sergeant to go with the company as a special scout and when you've finished briefing him he can fill you in on the details of his desk job one of us a listening cap it's a side of the army we don't know much about gore's time we did you being in charge and all you think you could arrange a quick transfer press maybe the infantry better find surgeon basin tell him all you know yes and I'd be my job when it do we get swing and door yes it is lieutenant Simon Sir I did background Sir okay ma'am is average your duty begins in an hour sergeant yes Sir we've got information I'd like to offer congratulations Sir new game ever brave and Mr Savitz understand that then yes Sir familiar with the horseshoe pre Gerry and yes Sir that map you're using a map strong I DO that madcap then you're wrong or shoot Craig does not feed from the medicine bow river no Sir from the little medicine by not by twenty miles missed assignments twenty miles of twisting canyon through the Laramie range and this line here Shukri because he's the range medicine ball in a little medicine bow to the west they do not join well I must have one Sir it's like a river bed all through the floor that can I didn't join last fall when you drew this map you mean the water didn't join the river beds Mr cyber it's a cavalry company moves with water water points of course a travel a campsite I know that Sir do you captain Quinn sense the first country I have a chart of the first map I ever drew well it's not an excuse Sir sounds like one Mister rabbits or what I mean is saying it was my first real attempt and all I never thought that we'd be using that map to campaign by we're not that's good you bet it's good miss decide what's good looking I pulled this map of the majors files last night to study I spent the rest of the night drawn up a problem at dear Mr suburbs you tear it up thank you god don't thank me remember if remembered good then forget it Kevin Quinn I'm already forgotten that Mr Savitz.

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