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In local communities if areas are now flooding that didn't slides in last year's heavy rains storms this information may indeed be very valuable and so this idea of self organizing of the members of the society is important and secondly i got key aspect of the resilient communities is the scientific and holistic understanding of that changing throughout level again more data rather than fewer sources of data and finely sharing of information about how to adapt whether that is collectively through ordinances the protect well ends and maybe you know print gaa encourage certain kinds of land use planning or the adaptation at that the household level of trying to plan for example for household emergency planning and evacuated in round if if you know you're flooded and without power for several days and then also even think simple like keep an eye out for the air quality reports every day and taking steps to reduce exposure risks you know as you learn more about changing conditions so those are the kinds of it kind of activities and functions it we expect to see in a more resilient human society and and we have to play again as as academics and research years well that's a good point because some when language that people are going to need to do this especially in this era of climate change that were part of now this can be very important a need those resources on that try a lot of what you described it makes one think back to the aftermath of hurricane katrina not people were trying to come back and areas and figure out what to do um but that's been obviously one hopes a lot spin learned in the interim that's right that's especially in the reason you know yeah yeah and none of them again attributes of a more resilient human community is one this able to learn from the past disturbance of this and again ply some of those lessons that it that have been learned so i think one of the tangible lessons that we learned again from katrina was again the role of social capital win you know people being able to to sort of anticipate you know what it puts the likelihood of future flooding and you know how well is our community able to to protect against some of these on certain days of see level rise and more intense storms and in the end the year sent katrina would certainly examined the on the strength of the levees whiff taken steps said that household level to try to you know hurricane profar homes in that type of thing whether or not those were more fluent people or not whether they had good insurance or not they tended to not come back as quickly as the areas where there was less flied depth.

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