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It'd be great if Hollywood Brown steps right and he's he's never practiced as an N._F._l.. Player yet I mean that's kind of a lot to expect the Jordan Lasley. It's a lot of Seth Roberts taking first team snaps. That's my miles boykin. Who's you know there's so much faster? Mr had a big long touchdown. They've been talking about Jalil Scott behind the scenes. It's kind of like one of those guys that they think is going to make an impact. We'll see but they have so many different guys wide receiver and yet. No you have really no one you can trust other than sneed Lamar. Yeah I mean it was one. It's one practice he was pretty erratic. I mean that's the thing watching him. He can make every throw but but he doesn't but he misses some of the easier ones. I think he's really good in terms of policy move. I think they're going to have them. Re throwing on the run a lot but R._G.. Three was more consistent. You know it was one day but it was it was interesting to see in two thousand nineteen players walking off the field. The first day of trading game was a great scene. The crowd was it was awesome there. I mean they were chanting during training camp at random moments except for one guy who is like heckling Lamar Jackson. Why would you show up to training camp? He was really heck lead. I heard one guy goes like who you're thrown to Lamar and and he liked that I was like what is wrong with alcohol now that is like in. I'm not surprised there's a guy like that. It was guy it was like nine. Throw wasn't a great I mean I went. I went to a couple couple of training camps at Hofstra University and Long Island and and we've been to rams camp it is typically a love fest people it was and they were the watch in terms of like this laughing and making little chance and stuff they were the most active training camp crowd I've ever seen but Lamar was pretty. He was frustrated because he was having an up and down day <hes> a hole there for a word from our sponsor coming up on the broadcast the next episode with Ricky Hollywood and M._v._p.. The V._p.. Shadowy League figure in my boss Sarah Parsons Wowing Erica Little Teaser Erica for the show yeah..

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