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Trending this Wednesday morning this morning Governor Newsome's administration a snub Disneyland by allowing many theme parks to reopen in California, but they're ordering Disneyland and other large parks to remain close. Hosed. Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm have also been ordered to remain closed. Here's California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Galley. They can only operate with outdoor attractions and ticket sales must be limited to visitors in the same county. OK, that's for the smaller theme parks. They can reopen a 25% capacity in counties where it is deemed safe. We'll roll out more audio clips from Dr Mark Galley on their decision to keep Disneyland and large theme park's closed and we'll hear from visitors to Disney World in Florida. They've been open for three months. We'll find out what it's like there since the Parkers re opened. The governor's office is allowing stadiums to reopen for outdoor sporting events. However, this morning the 40 Niners remains stuck in neutral because Santa Clara County health officials have barred crowds at any sporting events, and that includes Levi Stadium. 40 Niners officials say they want to work with the county to reopen Li Bai Stadium for their home game. Rents are on the rise in Sacramento KFBK Sneak a magus reports on the latest numbers. More people are moving out of California's urban tech hubs. There is a growing demand for.

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