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Your host. Of course, you know, Evan Valenti who is here with us. Our producers sometimes fills in to host. And today we won't hear from quite as much as we would normally do is a little under the weather but he's going to power through he's going to battle because he is a fighter and you know for anyone that has the and I'm using this word deliberately the privilege, you know, you might be listening. And we appreciate you if you subscribe on iTunes wherever you get your podcast, but if you are watching if you have the video feed of this podcast going for you right now Jared Weiss from The Athlete's life is with us doing his best Market smart impression. He has come robed up and ready for the show because when you celebrate a win in Houston over those lowly Rockets who have dropped sixteen straight charity. Just the only way to do it. Listen. I am clearly doing a bit and it's not that I over slept through my alarm. It just got out of the shower just in time for us to take this. I'm a professional that would never happen, especially on the page that I used to Hosanna care about dearly, you know, clearly an amasha Marcus Smart is not unprofessionalism whatsoever see and and he looks good. He looks comfortable. He looks more comfortable in the rest. I think next time Jared's on all three of us need to rock rock rock the the robe. So it's starting to say Rob will get to Rob Williams. Obviously, we all need to rock the robes Evan. Well, it's I think if you are a guest a future guest on the show and you don't wear a robe, then you're just going to be dead. You're lazy look down the upon because security does said the part extremely high level and do your all future guess is stuck you imagine if we had Mannix on in a rogue last week, that would have been I can't actual I can't imagine that we're I was going to start to go. I was texting earlier today cuz I was starting to think about our next show after this one, which will be no later than the week sometime. I was texting with Bob Ryan Berg, you know, if he doesn't show where the robe, you know real crying on her clothes and words and then we all rocked the road from now on if it's going to say what what a great flag say, I was just texting SpongeBob Brian the other day, you know, the most famous sports journalist in the world it bogs Ryan showed up though on the show wearing a robe. Would that be the greatest accomplishment in the history of Celtics paid off? Yeah, no question. What a way to ring in show number four hundred. Yeah. No see that now now we got to do it. So now we gotta do it. That's that's just the books now wage. Yeah, it feels like the only thing that's that's really available to us. We have a lot to cover in the next hour including obviously everything is fixed the Celtics who are still marginally about 500 but they've won five out of six. Going back to before the All-Star break had that ugly loss to Brooklyn coming out. It wasn't even that ugly they played..

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