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What does that story? This time of year the little thing that live outside wanna come inside with us because it's nice and warm and dry. And so it's a great time. I'm gonna advocate while you're outside doing all those wonderful. Nice DIY Christmas gifts of walk around your house. Check your shingles. Look at your sophists and make sure somebody isn't making an extra doorway, and they don't need to be you. You might see a tiny little hole that you think. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Now, they can get through the the the secret to that one was doing doing a job involves working in an attic. Okay. And as I go through the little trap door. I literally see a pile of squirrels. And they sleep in a in a pie. These guys were just mounted up. It was kind of cold that morning and. I'm like to run into the truck and get that empty bucket. And he's like what for and I'm like, just shoot. I this was going to go off like a scroll Grenada. And so he goes out to the traffic comes back with the empty bucket. He brings the lid. Thank goodness. And I'm sitting there looking and and again, it's very cold that morning during this big big pile in the installation. And I just kind of ease the bucket down on top of them. And I'm really I feel like one of those movies where you cut the red wire the blue wire. I am just really hoping this bomb does not go because I don't know if you guys man those things can bite. Quick to. Oh my God. I meant to die by squirrel. This is going to. I'm gonna fall to this guy seal, and I'm going to be hanging in the rafters. Squirrels are going to be running almanac. Undignified death at just nothing heroic. It would just wouldn't look good. Right. And but I got the bucket over the top of him. And I'm sitting there like, you know, I'm sweating like, John MacLean and a movie. Oh, okay. This get this and I got the lid east under just right? And they still then wake up. They hadn't woke up yet. And it was just as I licked it. Yeah. That bucket went airborne. Gosh. Click them in. Oh my gosh. It looked like popcorn explosive. Jiffy puff from someplace really bad. This bucket rocking and rolling and jumping. And I had this down and my poor. My poor sister looked at me like I was handing him something out of a bad bad horror movie this. Oh, wait a minute. Things went off in that bucket. Okay. Nobody thought to get video of this Allen. You could have been a viral YouTube sensation sweating back just get that bucket net lived together without getting killed. And so, you know, the the happy ending of the story is that they were strapped down to the back of the truck in the bucket. Did you poke some holes in it for? No, we just drove really quickly today to the nearby wooded. Great wooded area. Let's just say it was someplace agricultural this. And then we've created what was called the squirrel bazooka. Oh my God. Mandalit off. So I was debating how to do that. Yeah. Pop that lit often poom. So it's like a Roman candle just for booth and happily they scampered for closest tree. Everybody was happy. Nobody got bit. Nobody got hurt. Relocated. At it. Got cleaned out a squirrel. So the big question. I had was squirrels Allen is did they have the sense to find their way back to the attic. Or no, we closed up that whole and and completely repaired. All that keeps a little guys out. Okay. Well, dear listeners, we challenge you out do our. True story now, I know you can't makes the hall of this is true right with witnesses. Okay. You gotta Alan. You. Gotta pull out your camera on this stuff. I mean, like, I say you'd be a YouTube sensation. You know? You know, we got a regatta record this stuff for the ages. Some I'd run ram behind me of the camcorder. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I hope we never wind up with a situation like that here with our squirrel friend. You know, hopefully, he's not going to find his way into the studio. I mean, he's earning. I don't know if I hear him bouncing land on the ceiling tiles up there. I've got a net the five gallon bucket and the truck right now. Good. Yeah. Well, you know, dear listeners, I know some of you out there. I'm thinking of our buddy Jim from back in the summer that talking about the family of raccoons Zada. You know, we never got that resolve we we we want to hear from you. And and and tell us your your, you know, bizarre. You're. Inspiring stories of man versus beasts. That came together. So all right. Well, one more time, though, if you do need to get in touch with me, if you.

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