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Five forty three is the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes and mike you brought to us by the van loan school at college laureate to fry getting out of the city in every direction let's start to the south with the expressway southbound is just inching along for the tunnel most of the way to the split yeah you pick up a little speed here and there but not much northbound jammed granted alpha past neponsit circle savon hill all the way up into the tunnel three south you've got that stop and go down pass union street then for a few miles down past route one thirty nine again down past ten down past exit six one twenty eight south has on again off again delays route three in burlington all the way to braintree ninety five south is inching along mechanic street down to ninety five in attleboro as for the mass pike westbound you've got brake lights from allston brighton all the way up towards the state police barracks in western eastbound's all crawling along from one twenty eight to newton corner and then from allston brighton into the city up to the north the worst one twenty eight north is from route three up to salem street in wakefield ninety three north delays from this bridge up through medford route three is locked up as soon as he get on from one twenty eight up to concord road of course delays up after four ninety five route one tied up route sixteen past the lynnfield tunnel down the lower deck's back near assembly square the tobin inbound loop ramps at a standstill the leverett connector is backed up both ways and sterling visas back well before the bu bridge next reports at five fifty three with wbz's traffic on the threes advance your leadership role in the public or private sector with a master's degree in organizational management from antica colleges then loan school offering flexible online courses affordable tuition and personal advising get started at van loan dot endicott dot edu.

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