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In at bloomington and there were also going on the road to maple grove i november eleven so what will reserve your practice investigate calls of in the maple grove area let's give me as saturday at nine a m amman veteran's day in the ross going to have one year and bloomington that but next week we have one two tuesday thursday and saturday you're also traffic al was the world series and it's over uh the houston astros obviously beat the dodgers they're out but you know a game seven it your i really liked what this at the world series or game seven sani coal faxon dan don newcombe they throughout the first pitch l but sandy koufax knows all about game sevens is guess what he pitch game seven right here in minneapolis areas nineteen 65 there he won the mvp in the world series but you know what he dominated for twelve seasons out he had to retire at the age of thirty so a 1966 a year later he had retire and he didn't want to use in his prime actually his twenty seven nine gene with an era of one point seven three and 1966 in 1973 he was elected to the baseball hall of fame the youngest all right the youngest player at thirty six to be inducted in the hall of fame al pacino what because of traumatic arthritis in his left elbow he had to retire but the thing about it is there's a lot of people out there working cuts struck shen your work in jobs are pretty rough on your body and you never know he still need a backup plan all right there's a lot of people that change careers throughout their lifetime we're not seeing to become a of rational trader but were saying have that plan b right well that's a great point you wrote up in in every workshop every class that that i have todd over the last month or two i've had somebody lease one person in their who said you know what my job is just too hard on my body i can't do this anymore in fact one of the one of our students who is a very successful.

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