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That was the biggest topic of conversation in quite a bit of dissent where are you on him i had him as my number two quarterback going into the dra going to draft night paul i had tim donald ahead of him i just thought that darnold with a richer sophomore just a tad more size you know little more of that so called upside but i don't know that baker mayfield is maxed out everything i think that you know this kid you know you know angry he plays but there's one thing about him when the games on the line he gets it done go back and look at all these quarterbacks and see what they did in the fourth quarter of games during their college career and far and away fourth quarter and i'm talking about games that are in question you know one score type games mayfield numbers dwarf all the other quarterback contenders we had in there there is something to that there is something to a kid when the games on the line gets it done and i think we saw him do that knoxville volunteers you know a couple of seasons ago he's done it to a number of teams yeah he's a twotime so called walk on but they'll let that fully and everybody's worried about the size well fran tarkenton drew brees michael vick get more size in them okay so let's get over that part of it accurate throwing the football competitive to the instant gree and the unfortunate side for him paul and i'll conclude here is that with cleveland picking him.

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