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Is that the weekend. It's also that time of the year again. Holy cow in guys. Kevin wong shoe is five years old. And wow what can i say. It's been fun very starting to pick up more steam and the steam that we'd had been my fault but there's stuff coming going to get more reviews more interviews. I'm excited for what's going to be two thousand one. And i am so grateful for what we david. A hill mosit- aids cossacks interview interviews with jesse jackson. What's another one's coming up soon. I need to reach out to him and figure out what we're gonna do. Our annual sit down and chat episode. Got carlos lessening of castle entertainment. I talked to him about doing quarterly show and then that kind of fell through. The cracks should reach out to him about doing that again if we do. It won't start until first quarter of two thousand and one two thousand one of twenty twenty one. Yes we it's so. I guess in the spirit of the show over t public go check out the shirts. I'm certain that going to work on more shirts. I got in my computer now and can probably do do. Just don't know what i'm gonna do. I need content to get it out of five share. That'd be amazing. they have mugs. They have no books that you can use for your dm notes rather indeed or l five r or call blue. It'd be frigging amazing. There's that there's also the two thousand and twenty south dvd Gift guides that are out. Now check that out. There's some good stuff so there really isn't anything to this show except to say. Thank you for supporting me for five years. And also i did this interview with martha southgate one of the owners of southgate media group about her playing dungeons and dragons for the first time. Ever and yes. I have always loved martha southgate. Rather be on her show. Broken a brave or cooper who binge worthy but then doing the interview with her man guys if you ever get the chance to meet martha southgate. Don't miss that opportunity. So here is the interview that i did with her about dungeons and dragons and it might get a little choppy because we use discord. I use discord because all the interviews that i've done with discord it has never failed me. We got disconnected three times in this interview. So i hope it's good and if you ever let me down again i'm be so so all right. It's that type of the week again. Time for the kevin. Long show. And i'm your host kevin long and today i have a special guest one of the owners of southgate media and co host of multiple shows and the host of broke into brave. I had to think about that. For a minute. Martha southgate welcome to the kevin long. Sho- well thank you so much for having me. It's exciting to be and you have a fantastic voice for podcasting anyone's ever said that before but i appreciate. I think we all need to hear it. Sometime right yeah. That's thank you. So the reason that i have martha on today is because she sat down with rob and her daughter to play dungeons and dragons. My first question is was this something that was planned or was it spontaneous and was it just the three of you or was it a whole quote unquote d. group of six to however many people. Okay so rob has been wanting to play for a long time. And i was actually interested and and then covid hit and it's a little bit challenging to for it to be your first time. Maybe maybe maybe that's not for most people are for it was a little bit more challenging having by first-time be over zoom so So we did go. And i only knew Didn't really know any of that. There were three e. I think three one two three four. I think there were three other people and And i only had met one briefly. I think so i. I didn't know these. I didn't know these people It was it was a thing put together by someone that we need to program at other world theater in chicago does a program called gateways and If you're a star trek fan of gates mcfadden who she is while she was there hosting in that they that and she said you know. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring authors science fiction and fantasy writers together with actors and and have them reading chuck like their work. And you'd be able to see their work read publicly so they created the and so it's called gateways after gates mcfadden so molly has been doing it for a while. She's been reading for for this program. And then rob started. And then i started and and so the guy who currently runs it was creating a group has a group are at an all already had it going for line tie but decided not guys wanna play and so it was. It felt spur of the moment to me. Because it didn't they didn't give me like six months notice so everything that feels laying on. It's less than six months notice. Feels like you know. That's thrown at me. Because i am evidence revert and i really don't And i don't do things like this. Well lake lake Do a brand new game. I've never played With total strangers really. Bingo is like even worse. So there were there were lots of elements to at that made me really rethink by life choices. But it was. It was terrifying at first. Because i i don't know any of the lingo and and as you know there's a lot of theory there's a lot of Language that is very unique to that world. Why didn't know it. And so i was sitting there going roller like do what i'm now and And so i really kind of panicked you know of a. It took me a while. Settle in and i think the game wentz like three three or four hours long.

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