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Hip hop. I also think interesting because I think the lyrics of the song feel incredibly hip hop like the way she Rams like an older version of me with pervert it. And like the the love that you gave that we made was an it's very some sort of inverted language in. That's really cool. Yeah. Great. I think that's thing about her. She is like, really brilliant. Extremely it's like she was doing this very young. So not only is it mature sort of content wise and lyrically, but it's like to be a pop star. I guess it's obvious like she was a pop star very young because she's amazing time. Yeah. Like, she set the trend for visionary that I could be who I am now in nineteen ninety four as this is just to understand what this song is in the context of the time of the time and to be like a nineteen year old wrote this song, I would just be fucking floored. It is unbelievable. And also again like she's not traditional really anyway, the fence again, she doesn't look like the rest of the pop star. I mean, like she she's kind of she's still hot as hell commercial rule nontraditional and she's again Canadian. Thing. And then Maresca careful I love Canadians, but it just is bizarre. When that crosses over. Feel fleet has an American anger. It just feels like an American anger. American anchors should be the title of your site. My fifth novel. A very good point though in simply put an American great one hundred percent, great king, Katie get this angry and Canada. I don't think so. Okay. So now shits about to pop. Await we didn't even the feeder thing. So what I wanted to say. Is there to say I wanted to say that I for the purpose of the punch-up? I truly was like I think it would be funny. If I just got it down to a specific movie based on what we know about the relationship. So I tried to do an investigation. But then I saw there was a comedian named Josh patent who was already done investigation, and he basically goes into like, I'll we'll probably tweet a link to this. But I think it is so interesting because he basically nails down the time relationship to about October through July of ninety two and ninety three than nails down the movies to say like, it wouldn't be a popular movie wouldn't be something playing the holidays. It probably isn't certain types of movies because he's not gonna stick suck during like, Tom, and Jerry or something so he kneels down to ten movies. And then concludes that the movie that she got that she gave him head during is body of evidence starring Madonna and Willem Defoe used to have that VHS. Lantis assigned at this time to Madonna's record label. Tickets. This is probably a premier. He's like look it costs us nothing kicked out. Darpa was cool that tissue was like. Oh head. Absolutely. That's what the movie is four anyway. Wow. Thank you for your research Patton. I literally was like you should see the notepad document house. Like, this is exactly how. String all over your room might as well. Okay. Are we ready to move on? Now. Let's okay. She..

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