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Active roy that is i think a more elegant way of stating what i was trying to get at before which is that you know if you concludes the uh the 2015 nuclear agreement had the signatures of russia and china on it is not the most effective way to control the nuclear threat or the various other threats including the terrorism threat that iran poses to its neighbors in in others around the world uh then you have to start looking at water options to reveal all the perhaps don't necessarily require our russian her chinese assent and certainly the kinds of things that you're talking about her examples of for your ways that uh one can continue to apply sanctions brochure either within the framework of the agreement wore i in ways that look beyond the specifics of the nuclear deal uh the construct getting you there but i also thank you i i think the most important thing here is to not fuel blake we are constrained entirely by what is on paper in that 2015 agreement there are a lot of problems that agreement a wasn't intended to soften air perfectly wouldn't solve even if it tried and they're also lauded other tools that are available to deal with these problems that aren't within the confines of this one agreement now the ought beat the white house has said from the beginning they didn't want the deal to be the focus of our ron policy as obama made it they wanted a comprehensive approach in my worry is by setting a red line like this president trump does make it the focus of his iran policy and um you know what what happens if the european partners a don't agree and trump pulls out of the dealer doesn't pull out of the deal house pre serious consequences there either way one thing's for sure you don't want to set a red lie you don't follow through on we learned that from the last president.

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