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Why? Now them and keta in the middle. And then the back four of Trent Alexander Arnold. Joe Gomez. Virgil, Van Dyke in an edgy Robertson with Allison plank. Keep your at Henderson security as third coming off Henderson coming in in the sixty nine th minute. She Curie coming on in the eighty second minute and thence. Third coming on in the eighty. Seventh minute where like I said, he scored twenty four seconds later for being state on the bench along with Lana, Lana and Nathaniel client. As for West Ham, they're starting. Eleven you're at are not vich up top Felipe Anderson on the left wing Wilshire in the middle behind are not the vich. And then my cow Antonio on the right wing. Declan rice in the middle on with Mark noble in the back four was Arthur massive, coup Bonna wena an Ryan Federick on the right side with Bianchi playing keeper. I mean. If you're comparing this first game to last season, there wasn't much of a change with this team. I mean, West Ham last season Rupp's Slough terrible. No real fight between them amongst my should say. I mean, the players who came off the bench into the game for West Ham would Robert snodgrass coming in for Declan rice on the forty six minute she Girija Komen on for fully bay Anderson in the sixty second minute. And I think that West Ham has got to get them more minutes and they gotta play them up top last season. For some reason, David Moyes figured it'd be a good idea to play as a winger when he did bring him on, and these tend not to work. Well, if you got players played out of position and then you had Andris Milenko coming in for nuts vich in the sixty seven th minute. So obviously not a great game from West Ham. I mean, not how they wanted to start off the season. But nonetheless, I mean, I'm not sure any thought that they'd stand a chance against Liverpool, and then you had Southampton in Burnley drawn zero zero. So those are the scores for this weekend's EPL games. Like I said, for the next segment, we're gonna be talking about Paul, Pablo Manchester, United and Barcelona. So stay tuned for that, and I will be right back..

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