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Today, Israel launched more airstrikes to destroy tunnels housing weapons warehouses used by Palestinian militants. Israeli army confirms more rockets have also been fired, but there was no damage. We're getting a live look now at the Gaza skyline, where we have seen explosions in the last few minutes, you could see smoke rising in the horizon there. At least 126 people have been killed since fighting broke out on Monday. More than 900 people have been hurt. We should learn more with the next two weeks if the assistant state Attorney general's office will file charges over the death of many yellow, so he died while being arrested. To come a police in March of last year. That's that body cam video. You were looking at their cell phone video medical examiner ruled Alison's death. A homicide said he died of lack of oxygen while being restrained. November. Governor injuries you might remember ordered Attorney General Bob Ferguson to conduct an independent investigation into Alice's death today. Ferguson's office says it will announce its decision on charges honor before May 27th Tonight. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is taking applications for program aimed at helping troubled youth. It's called lead the Way program. It's for kids between 13 and 17 years old, who have committed a crime and are struggling to make good decisions in life. In the eight week course kids will learn.

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