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Those political systems strip the rights from the inhabitants. Who already lived there because they are patriarchy. Patriarchy is fundamentally narcissistic and it shows up. Every where America's Oh my God. We're narcissistic as hell right. We're overly arrogant and confident in places where we do not measure up. It is an UN justified arrogance and narcissism for us to go around the world telling people how they have to shape their economic and political situations while our consumer habits shape their economic and political situations To their detriment other people are doing this better and their cultures. That have less patriarchy in them. They're doing healthcare better. They're doing violence better. They're doing economic disparity better like there's this huge enormous part of America. That is so narcissistic that we think. We're doing everything better. And it's unfounded it's so gratuitous and that is because we have an extreme patriarchal society the more balance there is between the masculine and the feminine. The less violence there is the less activity. There is the less economic disparity there is the less poverty there is patriarchy is a sickness and it's fundamentally narcissistic so of course you fell for a narcissist. Of course you did. The here's the thing we've been making narcissists for essentially all of human existence. And they're not the ones who changed friends if anything. They've become less narcissistic or at least had to fake a less narcissistic persona where the ones who changed. Women are the ones who said. Hey I'm not going to be traded cattle anymore. I'm not going to sit down and shut up in my religious institutions anymore. I'm not can it be silent about rape? I'm not going to be silent about sexual harassment. I am NOT GOING TO BE SILENCED. About being shut out of careers professions political environments. I'm not going to be told by the bank that I'm not allowed to have my own checking account which friends that was like fifty years ago. It's not in our distant past. I'm not going to get married. And then obey my husband so this produces a backlash because narcissism is implanted so far into our psyche that it's actually in our DNA genetic memory so is the fear that women carry in our genetic. Dna memory of violence from men. This is why we don't speak out as loud as we could. And maybe as loud as we should. This is why we keep silent about that. Rape that harassment. This is why we get upset. When people put the me too thing too much in our phase it just feels so uncomfortable and aggressive. That's because I mean it's grounded in legitimate reality that there is risk and not just risk of social condemnation risk of actual violence. The number one cause of death in this country is being murdered by your significant other murder and rape or a very real grounded hin reality fear in all women we now know through science that our DNA actually transfers memory down from generation to generation to generation and so often what. We're feeling doesn't have a grounded reality in our current situation right so the fear exists whether or not you have been treated violently personally. The fear exists if your daughter goes anywhere outside the house actually inside the House has been proven very ineffective as well because even family members feel entitled to Narcissistic Thrust Cock wherever they feel like thrusting it but women so port narcissism for some very understandable reasons right so the threat of violence is real the threat of punitive ousting blackballing from professions When you're trying hard enough just to stay in the game that's real. Economic dependence is very very real for women very real women own only one percent of wealth globally one percent of wealth globally in two thousand Nineteen Forbes magazine stated that the fastest way to wealth for a woman in two thousand nineteen is marriage like we have this mythology that oh women are so equal. No that's just that's not true. It is not something grounded in reality which I do want to talk about in. Just a second in terms of how not to make more narcissists. Okay little SIP water okay. So women have a motivation to keep silent. Go along with the plan. Try Not to be noticed just trying not to bring violence or economic fucking despair tragedy in their own lives while they carry the burden of the family on their shoulders alone. I mean it's easy to look at a woman and say what is it. She just get the fuck out of that shitty marriage because he has all the money. And she's she understands her economic reality which is to plummet into starvation. If she leaves the breadwinner like that's a reality show. Also do is open her eyes and look around at aging women at other aging women or at single moms who are carrying the burden and realize that yeah she is dependent economically and there's not recourse in the courts and he will. He is not going to volunteer to support her. Because he's the one who worked really hard for it. Those are just the realities that we face as women friends. Those are the realities are daughter still face today. Only today they face those realities with a false perception that equality is here. It is not here. It is not here so we lie to ourselves right. We lie to ourselves because we have a hormonal biological desperate need. That very few of us can ignore her to reproduce and in order to reproduce. We're going to have to close our eyes to a few warning signs. We're going to have to close our eyes to the fact that he's really not interested in anything you're doing. He's interested in how he looks next to you. And how you look at him with adoration we close our eyes when we see this man treat other women like Shit and we pretend that it's gonna be different because it was that woman's fault. Oh he cheated for two years as a swinger in his last marriage well. He says that's because she didn't pay enough attention to his penis and so I'll just constantly have sex with him and then it'll be different for me. Oh He's cheated on every single woman he's ever known I'll just give him what he wants. And then that won't happen to me. Oh he got a restraining order from someone. He was married to before Well that was all her heart. She was just crazy. Oh their divorce was so ugly that he literally robbed her of every penny and now she's destitute. Well that's just because she was a major bitch and it's going to be different with me. It's not going to be different with you. It is him it is. It's his character. It is his character and symptoms of his narcissism that she even thinks that someone else was responsible for his penis and making it happy. They will tell you what you need to know before you get all wrapped up in him. They will tell you how their previous relationships went how. They feel about their ex girlfriends and their ex-wives about how they perceive their mothers about how they perceive women in power. That will come out of their mouths. Eventually if your paying attention you can protect yourself from a narcissist but only if you're willing to hold them responsible instead of the woman they fucked over before you responsible see because here's the thing the man you're dating is also the man who sexually harassing someone at work he's also the man who's in the HR Department who's paying women less. He's also the man who in the locker room talks about grabbing a woman's pussy see they are the ones in power because that's what Patriarchy is and he may talk like he is a good guy. Oh my God they'll totally say they're a good Guy Gemini Times I've heard in the last seven years. Well I wanted to stay faithful in my marriage but she just didn't pay enough attention to me. I tried and I'm like Oh. We're those the years when she was pregnant or breastfeeding for six years. Straight and trying to keep a fulltime job and make it in her career. You mean those years that she didn't touch your pain is enough or look at you. Adoring enough okay. Yeah you can't wait a couple of years for her to stop using her body to make your children okay. Yeah that's not her fault deuce bag that's him and his narcissism in cock culture and he's also the one guarding the gates of politics. He's also the one guarding the gates of corporate success. He's also the guarding the gates of investing and the four zero one day and the stock market. They're not different people friends. They're not patriarchy exists because we have an abundance of narcissists created by Patriarchy and in order to protect yourself from a narcissist whether it's your first one or your next one you're going to have to do a few things that are hard like listening to what he says and holding him responsible instead of some woman that he left in his wake. You're going to have to listen when he tells you who he is and they will tell you who they are. They don't feel ashamed enough to hide it. Because they're narcissists they don't. They're not ashamed of themselves at all. They really think that fucking awesome. So they won't even Haida what they've done to other women in the workplace or in their relationships or the mothers of their children or even their mothers that they stopped speaking to or stop supporting and allow their mothers to live in poverty. When they're making a pretty fucking great. They will tell you when they utter words. Like Hillary as if.

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