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Cocktail have full independence as far as I'm concerned, he has been given or we'll be given on appointment full authority to investigate all aspects of the Watergate case, it's what if an Senator Byrd's words this trail leads into the Oval Office at the White House as I replied, then the trial should be followed wherever it laid the senators didn't know that trail would lead to a White House with a secret taping system, but they knew enough about the constitution to use the Senate as a check against Nixon's attempt to kneecap DOJ democrat, Robert Byrd said Richardson was confirmed on the assurance he would not intervene in the probe on Nixon's behalf the forthright and by mister car, and by Mr. Richards to the sharp questions from committee members assure us as well as we can be done of these circumstances that the that the. Prosecutor will have full and complete authority and that Mr. Richardson will not attempt anyway, intervene does to the Senate mattered helping to later protect how the DOJ ran that Watergate probe in the same book. I mentioned oil recounts how behind the scenes when Richardson Dell with Watergate he cited his commitment that had been made to the Senate. That's the precedent. That hangs over next week's hearing on Bill bar because later when Nixon defied the special prosecutor's requests famously for the Watergate tapes and demanded Richardson fire the prosecutor will Richardson actually had two reasons to stand up to Nixon one he thought that order was wrong. But that's always a debatable thing between a president and an attorney general. More importantly to Richardson already pledged to the Senate that kind of order was wrong, and that was not debatable. It was black and white and under oath. So as you know, as everyone now knows he famously quit in protest setting off the constitutional crisis of Nixon Saturday night massacre. My own thing. Most important commitment to this objective was my commitment to the independence of the special. Prosecutor I could not be faithful to this commitment at also acquiesce in the tail -ment of his thority the country tonight is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis in its history. Many remember that now some people look at the record and nowadays. Well, things don't work like that anymore. But if you think that you may not be paying attention because the Senate can make them work like that. In fact, it was in the very early days of the Russia probe that US senators did press Jeff Sessions on the probes independence, and he did make a pledge similarly to the Senate and upheld it in fact, it was the single act that led we now know to rod Rosenstein being in a position to appoint Bob Mueller in the first place, and which forever burned the sessions Trump relationship. We're dealing with an investigation that involves the Trump campaign. Would you recuse yourself as attorney general Howard review it and try to do the right thing? I have recused myself and the matters that deal with the campaign. I should not be involved investigating campaign. I had a role in. Next week, the Senate decides how it will press Jeff Sessions replacement now some Trump allies say that because bar is a respected experienced prosecutor. And he is there isn't a whole lot more. They need to do some Nixon allies in the Senate made the same argument about Richardson's appointment, you can see these echoes already. Proven worthy of his trust in many posts. And he ought to be trusted his opinion in this Miller, and has no reason for Mr. Muller stop doing this job. But history teaches the opposite. And this is so important for next week's hearings. The constitution is not based on trust or opinion. Attorney general Richardson was pressed into a pack that people hope would be unnecessary, but it was necessary. Now when it comes to the DOJ, let's be clear. Donald Trump is no Richard Nixon. He's way worse..

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