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Welcome back to another episode of reality life with. Casey hope that you're having a great week. Enlisted if you're on vacation. I hope you're having a great time to i know. Many of you are listening in a long car. Ride or on a plane ride. And i'm hoping that you take a little time for yourself. There's so much to watch this week. So i'm hoping that you make a little time for yourself. We've got the premiere of love island and big brother but also some really interesting stuff in streaming media for example if you like true crime there's a new on that's quite a doozy and another case in another part of the world this one brazil. And it's called eliza matsunaga once upon a crime. It's a really interesting case. So leeza is a thirty eight year old woman and a former nurse. She's currently serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband. Marcos her then husband in twenty twelve so she reportedly shot her husband. Multiple times in their south palo apartment before dismembering his body into a plastic bag and then scattering them along in nearby road twenty miles from where the couple lived. This is a spine chilling series. That through a timeline of events dating all the way back to her childhood and adolescent years all the way to the crime itself and it follows the aftermath from her attempts to cover up the murder to the confession including the arrest and trial in two thousand sixteen. And when i say that this was a big case in brazil i mean. I can't say that enough. The reasons for killing her husband remain a mystery but it is thought that our actions were in spite over an argument. According to our defense attorney she killed and dismembered her husband because he threatened to petition for custody in case the couple separated so a must watch. If you love true crime. And i see all those hilarious memes that are like you know. I don't want to be stressed. I just wanna sit down. Have a cocktail like a bowl of popcorn and watch a true crime documentary so this is right up your alley this episode. I'm so excited about. Because i have finally finally tracked down the team at world of wonder they have made. Some incredible television blockbusters like rupaul drag race million dollar listing and they have directed the outstanding new six part. Hbo half hour documentary series. Called catch. And kill the podcast tapes. This series brings to life. Ronin farrow's intimate revealing interviews and whistle blower journalists private guest investigators and other sources which were conducted for the pulitzer prize winning journalist. Podcast and best selling book catch and kill lies. Spies in a conspiracy to protect predators. This is all about harvey weinstein. I mean i've done an episode where i interviewed rosana arquette which you can go back and listen to. This story is so hard to listen to. But so important to understand because harvey weinstein was a film producer formerly of miramax films and the weinstein company any exploited his influential position to commit criminal sexual acts including rape in october of twenty seventeen. The new york times in the new yorker reported that dozens of women had accused harvey weinstein of rape sexual assault and sexual abuse over a period of at least thirty years over. Eighty women in the film. Industry had accused weinstein of such ox. He denied nonconsensual sex and shortly after he was dismissed from the weinstein company was expelled from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences and other professional associations and then retired from public view. Criminal investigations into complaints. From at least six women have been made in los angeles new york city and london and in may of twenty eighteen. He was arrested in new york and charged with rape and other offenses in february of twenty twenty. He was found guilty of rape in the third degree. A criminal sexual act and in march of twenty twenty. He was sentenced to twenty three years of imprisonment. So this is a series all about harvey weinstein and you get to see the interviews happen with ronin and it's really compelling so. I was thrilled to talk to them and they have another. Hbo upcoming series called small town news. Which is hysterical. So funny right up your alley. And i got a chance to talk to them about that as well. And then i just totally switch gears. I chatted with reality. Steve podcast host. And the author of reality steve online steve carbone about this season of the bachelorette with katie as the lead. This season of bachelor of paradise because you know he gets all the scoop and the future of bachelor nation. Now there is a part in the interview where you could consider it a mini spoiler. So if you don't wanna listen to anything avenue the bachelorette because you watch it and you're it's a you know something that you want to keep here and sacred. You might wanna skip Ten minutes into the interview But nonetheless if you love bachelor stuff this is right up your alley because we talk a little bit about some of the the back story of the leads and what happens off season and how they all hang out to each other and use each other for currency for social media and the pressures that come with it so again just fascinating to talk about that juggernaut. I'm hoping that you're having a great week. I really hope that this gives you a little bit of relaxation time and don't forget to watch the season premiere of real housewives of potomac on sunday. Because it's looks really really good so here we go. Hbo's.

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