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Year old. Jayne, Mansfield was riding along US ninety near the Wrigley's bridge just outside New Orleans. Mansfield was joined by driver, Ronnie Harrison, her three children and her attorney and partner. Sam Brody months. Earlier Brady had gotten into an argument with churches, Satan leader, Anton avai after desecrating his chapel LeVine had cursed Brody and proclaimed that he would be dead within months at about two twenty five AM a truck spring insecticide created a fog on the road this caused a tractor trailer ahead of Mansfield car to slow down Harrison unable to see the tractor trailer. Drove full speed into its rear. Mansfield, Brody and Harrison were killed instantly at that very moment. Thirty eight year old Anton Lavalin was at his home in San Francisco, cutting out photos of himself from a magazine as he was about to pace to clipping into his scrapbook. He noticed a story on the back of the clipping about Jayne, Mansfield Levin noticed that in clipping the article he had inadvertently cut the photo of Mansfield right across her neck. Moments later, his phone rang. It was a reporter calling to inform him of Mansfield tragic death. Anton was stunned then the reporter delivered the most chilling news in the crash Mansfield 's head had been almost completely severed from her body and almost clean cut right across her neck..

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