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Well in part because travis kalanick himself was a very strong leader uh he was considered the uh the face of the company he he he occupied several does rules in as ceo himself and uh and until this year when the wheels started coming off so to speak uh they didn't see a need to fill those those positions uh the the company was operating smoothly it it now is growing quickly uh revenues growing they were getting uh of new investments and uh and then things just started uh things just start snowballing callinig will remain on the board he's not totally separated from the company that is correct yeah i guess things really started to go downhill for over after a former software engineer alleged as chauvinism at the company this was in february and that's when a lot of workers in investors began questioning travis kalanick s ability to remain in charge that's right it had set all this in motion uh the the engineer uh described her experiences there uh which included the unwanted advances from a manager uh reassignments rather than a dealing with the the managers who su who she said were problematic and at it said oldest emotion a uh over uh very quickly after her blog post appeared hired a former us attorney eric holder on in his firm covington burling to investigate the company the heart another law firm to investigate the company led to firings it led to a long list of recommendations from from holder uh including things like a mandatory training sent a stronger coo role than than originally envisioned and some limited uh some limited power for the ceo so uh.

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