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Right and the velocity money is just it's no different than of the media bissett's it's about left unfortunately bob that's why i think i think that's why the media and banking is so connected because both businesses of is based on collects and and the speed of information and instead is not wrong okay okay the investing side and this is the problem we have if we got more americans focusing on their outcome of retirement not the moment not today not the noise of the day not the political environment today but saying i got a forty your obligation if two to save enough money and earn enough money from that saving so i can live in retirement indignity that i may enjoy extra longevity because i've lived healthy and i'm going to live that extra longevity also indignity i'm going to have enough savings they don't have to rely on anybody else that's the ultimate dream and if we don't get more people focusing on the 'longtermism of retirement and the needs to invest for the long term than than were all going to fail and i do believe some of the f and i'm cited this and let are some of the uncertainty the we see seeding society today is based on the fear of the future the fear that i don't have enough for retirement i'm going to have to work longer and i truly wish we had a more engaged um dialogue about the need to say over the long run the need to invest over the long run and i would say that's the foundation of this letter is to foot happy people refocus on the long term and as you said this may be a losing proposition because media banking it's about speed of information and clerics and i you know and so yes we are.

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