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Of all instead Ted left Washington to kill again. By this point Ted had been murdering for almost exactly one year. In that time he established a sort of pattern or cycle. He would kill in a frenzy for months consumed entirely by his bloodlust, then he would suddenly stop for a time as if the urge had simply passed. That January, when he returned to Washington and saw Liz Ted was in this dormant period, charming and collected, it was kind of calm before the storm of his next murderous rampage Dr Frederick. worthen them defines these stages of criminal action as a catatonic crisis worth embrace down the concept into a series of steps, these include an emotional buildup that precipitates into the crime, a calmness after the crime that allows the. The person to behave normally and finally a resolution, a stage in which the individual self regulates adjusting so that the act won't be repeated, however, according to criminologist Donald J sears, serial killers never reached this final stage of resolution. Instead they'll be caught in a perpetual cycle of build up and release as this pattern continues, sears explains that each crime will only become more violent and more frequent than the last. And for Ted, there was no doubt that he'd been consumed by this bloody back loop. For a year Ted at held onto a small semblance of normalcy, his dream of becoming a lawyer, but by January of nineteen seventy-five, it seemed as if Ted had given that up to succumbing to his bloodlust. When he left Liz. SEATTLE HE DIDN'T GO BACK TO UTAH. To continue. Was Law laundry instead? He went to Colorado with only one goal in mind to rape and slaughter as many women as he could. On January twelfth, Nineteen seventy, five, twenty eight year old. Ted made his way to the ski town of Snowmass Village Colorado where he abducted twenty-three-year-old Karen Campbell from the wildwood in. Karen was at the INN while on a ski vacation with her fiance that evening the couple was relaxing by the fire in the lobby. When she left to grab a magazine from their room, she stepped into the hotel elevator and was never seen again. Thirty six days later, her body was found naked and ravaged by animals in the surrounding mountains, and soon there were more. From January to July of Nineteen seventy-five Ted killed four more victims. The same epidemic of missing women that plagued the Pacific Northwest and Utah was now happening in Colorado. But before authorities could find lead, the murder stopped. Ted once again moved on. It's unclear. Why but Ted traveled back to Salt Lake City in early July. Perhaps it was to visit his second long distance, girlfriend, Sharon, our whatever the reason. His Return to Utah was his biggest misstep yet. August. Sixteenth, one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, five at two am. Ted was pulled over by police and his car was searched. Inside they found a series of suspicious items. Rope an ice pick a crowbar handcuffs among others. But to the police officer, these weren't weapons of murder. They were burglary tools. Ted was arrested, but ultimately released without bail. It was only after he'd walked back into the night that the police noticed something chilling Ted match the description of a wanted suspect Carol garanges kidnapper. A few days later Ted was brought back to the station to participate in a lineup of suspects for Carol to identify in preparation. Ted entirely altered his appearance, shaving his moustache and changing his haircut, but nothing would make Carol forget the face of her would be killer. Those thin lips at straight pointed knows it was him. Ted was arrested and charged with Carol Ranch's abduction for months as he languished in jail, awaiting trial. Ted Wasn't identified for a single other crime. And so on February Twenty Third Nineteen Seventy six twenty nine year old Ted was tried for kidnapping and nothing more. At the trial Ted was anything, but defeated or remorseful. He felt exhilarated. He loved the intensity of the courtroom. He may not have finished law school, but he used his own case as a way to flex his legal know how ted wanted to be as involved as possible in his defense, he did extensive research and frequently consulted with his attorney. He started around the courtroom confident that he would win the fight. He was wrong on March first Ted was found guilty and sentenced to one to fifteen years in prison for the first time he'd have to suffer the consequences of his actions, and it wasn't long before his true crimes came back to haunt him. Eight months into a sentence Ted was charged with Karen Campbell's murder for months. Detectives in Colorado had been gathering circumstantial evidence that place Ted at the wildwood. In at the time, Karen went missing. When they learned, their prime suspect had already been imprisoned for kidnapping. They believed they had their man. Thirty year old Ted was extradited to Colorado. That Winter Ted lost his biggest supporters Liz clip for and Sharon. Our listen Sharon had stood by Ted side throughout the Carol durant trial completely unaware that he was seeing both of them. But with the murder charge, the two women reached their breaking points they both left him, and so with few supporters left, and.

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