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It's amazing you just have an instant affinity was instant was amazing i don't think i've ever heard anyone that struck me quite that way before let's interesting i mean you are already playing professional musician mineta yes i'd been a new york at that point four five years or so and and was working around town not as much as i would like but was working on as much as you are now not not nearly as much as i am now well this we go any further i think those that don't know about heavy nichols would be intrigued to hear some of his music maybe you could play one of his pieces i'd love to i'll play a tomb uh that he wrote he recorded it for blue note uh with a trio but this uh it's a tune called wildflower wild scene yes you know it's amazing it has such a mixture of sort of old time may be new orleans failing and then interspersed with some very out harmony in bflat landing on a on a be natural road wrote in his his music inc so much he was of west indian descent but grew up here in new york and he was a contemporary of thelonious monk and bud powell they are all used to hang out together and and herbie he used to participate in some of those jam sessions up admittance up in harlem and now the story is that he was you know he sort of retiring guy so he was the guy that got kicked off the piano bench you know.

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