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Yeah. That's when you turn to Office Depot, officemax by what you need online at Office Depot dot com or on our app and pick it up in store for free and just went out. So you can get back to whatever else is lurking on your to do list and hurry in to save up to forty percent at the furniture event. That's up to forty percents off at Office Depot officemax. Offer expires February twenty third twenty nineteen. Take a look under your bed find stuff under there. What about jobs? No now. Try your basement. There's a pair of overalls that overall you're not so into anymore a perfectly good laptop that hasn't sat in your lap and month more stuff, but still no jobs. Well, you really have both see stuff is defined as household articles considered as a group. Sometimes this stuff is no longer needed. Wait, no longer needed that can't be right? Because remember those jobs you were looking for those are really needed. And they're the stuff inside your stuff even inside that winter coat that moved with you to Phoenix. Our job is to unlock those jobs, and it starts when you donate your stuff to your local goodwill. Here's how we do it. When you donate to goodwill. We sell your stuff to provide job training for people right here in your community. So just by teaming up with goodwill, you help create jobs, and isn't that worth parting with the leftover keytar from the eighties cover band? Goodwill. Donate stuff, create jobs. Find your nearest donation center at goodwill dot ORG. A message from goodwill and. The Ad Council. Cutting through the clutter to bring you the people and stories.

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