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Ozark, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney discussed on Tested - The Order of Operations - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 8/22/17


And the pilot really is technically actually it's it's the it's the test episode sometimes the pilot isn't in the first episode so for a netflixing original series where the help at all at once there's not really an islet there they shoot them all at once i i watched ozark the first episode of ozark hurry good eyes a jason bateman right laura linney about a money launderer in the midwest i now gaelic says britain bad yet yes including so clearly that it's almost a little annoying bateman sommes bateman is the reason to watch it he's phenomenal he directed this episode allow yes so he's invested in then it's wonderfully directed the script is a little over the place that that the like i i ended the first episode not being sure who to care about but we're going to give it another few episodes 'cause i tend to stop on the first episode if i'm not immediately drawn in and i'm missing apparently some good stuff and i i hear it's very good it's yet there's so much on on netflix right now that it's just on the list yet yeah the out early early add to my list there is a gac lee trailer for their brian cranston produced philip k dick sifi in thalji series oak called electric she i think sleep electric sleep nice little alicia an air the hitherto yet yeah no i had i have not seen the trailer for that looks good and i think this resurgence i mean there's there's black mirror which has been tasked dick ablaze for research the van thalji series indulge sifi which is said when he were exciting because we i grew up on the twilight zone entails ordinary madness outer outer limits a and it's really exciting that this is happening.

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