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Excited for the season. First preseason game August 13th against the Carolina Panthers. Frank and Rohan had to be COV sports The top stories were following for you tonight on WTO, D.C. police say a pregnant woman was caught in the crossfire and seriously heard. When people in two cars fired dozens of shots in southeast this afternoon, happened along wade road southeast, near suitland Parkway, police say about 100 rounds were fired. Some renters in Montgomery county bracing for sky high rent increases next month after the county council there declined to extend COVID rent protections. For the second straight time, the Federal Reserve today raised interest rates by three quarters of a point, but fed chair Jerome Powell says he doesn't think the U.S. is in a recession and such aggressive hikes may not be needed in coming months. His remarks sparked a rally today on Wall Street. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just moments. 1147, as our summer temperature soar, so does the risk of kids dying in hot cars. But some emerging technology could prevent that. It's still in development, but the system uses radar to detect a heartbeat. It could then send notifications to owners, neighbors, first responders, and even nearby cars. The head unit would say attention there is a child at risk within proximity of your vehicle in a green Sienna. What am I going to do? Absolutely, I'm going to get out of the car and look around and then take action. Brian cursor is the chief data and technology officer for Toyota motor North America. So when could we see this in production cars? We're hopeful in the next couple of years to be able to have something that comes to market. John Aaron WTO P news. 1148. Back over to rich hunter in the traffic center. All right, checking for a crash in Howard county reported to be on northbound U.S. 29 Columbia pike just north of route 32 police and fire headed that way, Czech marriage for first responders. For now, 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway running well between the two beltways. George avenue up in brookville, north of New Hampshire avenue, traffic alternating one direction time, so it works out. Columbia 32 eastbound near the 95 interchange single left language by the work sent out on the bay bridge, yeast bounce fan closed for overnight maintenance westbound carries two way traffic, one lane for each direction to travel with the buffer in between and for now you could buy without life, Virginia, again, the heaviest volume remains on 95 in both directions near Quantico, your down to a single right lane to the work zone. They are preparing to close the express science to southbound traffic for the turnover or flip over for morning drive later on. So again, for a few more minutes, the express lanes will get you by, but be where you're gonna be taking off your very shortly, route one, running between triangles, 6 19, and also running between garrisonville road between those two interchanges. That's how you get around the work zone. Keep that in mind because that worked more than likely in place until about three or four tomorrow morning. So plan ahead, 66, eastbound as you had east have from 2029 central, two left lanes past work soon as you approach and pass the fairfax county Parkway single left lane gets you by and then between one 23 and not least street where they're doing a traffic shift to get by single file to ride, but it was heavy, very heavy and that works on as well. For over 35 years in the DMV, Greenberg and betterment has helped tens of thousands of clients who've been hurting auto accidents or victims of medical malpractice, visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. Rich hunter WTA traffic. Now over to storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. Some scattered showers out there tonight, the chance for a thunderstorm, otherwise a few clouds lows tonight falling into the upper 60s to mid 70s, so

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