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Your they've got to Cleveland seconds coming up in particular that you know maybe that could be enough to get a guy under contract through twenty twenty one. Now it's tough to know what they need because we haven't Seen Zion yet favors. Maybe they could try to resign him but you know with his injuries. Yeah I mean I think he's really been good for them but his injury issues. Really worry you. And they've got Hayes who they I presume WanNa bring in there at. Some point is a start. I wouldn't anticipate him being ready for a playoff level. A team to start next year but Is there any particular. Need that sticks out to you before we start saying who might be available billable I. It's challenging because of Zion Williamson factor in here. I would say another another wing would be useful. I don't know necessarily yeah. I mean it's probably going to be an off the ball type of wing but somebody who can hit open. Threes and defend is always a use for any team and Covington could be a nice there. who were just talking about with the wolves now. Do you WANNA go with a first round pick. I mean there are these Lakers picks that are out out there in the future. But those probably don't come until twenty twenty two at the earliest swap rights. They got the furrow but that only about the two picks and then they've also also got the to Cleveland seconds. Most likely so I mean the to Cleveland. Seconds for COVINGTON and trade. Biller for him. Wolves interested in that. I mean maybe they they don't value Covington is highly as we do. That's that's a lot for for COVINGTON consider Ogden Bogdanovich. DADS to to me Donna. Vich I mean he's is going to get paid sooner Downside and considering how flush the market is generally not necessarily this off season I mean they should have enough room below. Oh the tax to resign. Bogdonovich and give Brandon Ingram his mega-contract right right. That should be in the sex. Something I've talked about with Ben Golfer Unreal Jim. Radio on on Friday is new. Orleans is a quintessential example of this if they wait until the summer of twenty one which they could theoretically more flexibility depending on what happens with Lonzo Ball. There is a a lot of variance there and I if if I were David Griffin I would say assuming you can get reasonable talent probably better avoid the variance of free agency and just try. Try to get players now and I think that's the idea that you're getting coming. I mean they need one other like true three on this team though like Ingram is really the only one. And they've got a lot of guys is who are kind of mcdonagh Vich COVINGTON is an interesting one for me that that is one that I would be. Rodney mcgruder might be someone I'd be interested in to You know that would be a lower price potentially then what we're talking about You know struck four with maybe a little more juice defensively than nickel Meli not sure who that is a gallantry to me maybe as he might be a little too expensive for them a little too little too Too Injured Marcus Morris. Maybe could be thought. Thought he wouldn't be a terrible fit next as I probably enough of that question interesting question because this Kinda ties in a little bit from at shampooer underscore Matt basically. How much will the PELICANS? Hawkins could succeed before drew holidays off the market. What are your thoughts on moving him and so little piece of context drew holiday? This is his age twenty nine season. He turned thirty before next season and holiday. After this year. He has twenty six point. Two million with in twenty one twenty twenty one and then he has a twenty six point nine nine million dollar player option in twenty twenty one. I think that squaring up everybody is a little bit overstated. Yeah that's a wonderful idea. Yeah yeah the whole time like right like is he on their timelines. Timelines like yeah sure in an ideal world that is that is preferable I mean. Sometimes it's tough because then you get everyone coming up for free agency at the same enzyme like like if you look at for example. The Wizards SORTA had everyone on the same timeline right with wall beal and porter and then they ended up letting both beal and reporter get to restricted free agency and they ended up kind of having to pay all three of those guys and then just being stuck and kind of tax out a little bit. You know so that can can go wrong for. Even though argue didn't manage that correctly it can and I think drew is a particularly good fit as they figure out what's going on with Zayn Williamson. Mm Send Me. We saw Zion in the preseason before things really got started with the ball in his hands a little bit more. That's something you and I both liked in his Madoukh. Andrew Holiday can work in kind of a Combo jumbo roll so he can have the ball in his hands he can. He can run in offense and I think he's a good fit and remember that the player option. That could end up burning the Pelicans but I don't think they move him too quickly. especially with. I mean I would say overall. This season has been a positive. That could be competitive sooner rather than later so I think they keep him for now and then if if things swing either in the off season or more likely before the trade deadline in twenty twenty then maybe make it off during that no. I actually can't hear that. Okay so in your heart and your microphone during its look at that. Uh So let's move onto the Oklahoma City Thunder. The thunder are now twenty. Two and seventeen. They're seven evident threes and philosophy in sixty all the way to thirteenth in net rating. Plus one point six nine hundred thousand offense twelfth defense five hundred eighty projects them to win forty five games which puts them not only seventh in the West puts them seventh in the West by a full seven games and gives them appropriately according to that projection a ninety four percent chance of making the playoffs and I think an interesting question to deal with at least briefly is from Kate. Coburn would the thunder be better off losing their top twenty protected I this year in what is considered not a great class instead of losing their twenty two and twenty three second round picks that would convey if that I wonder is not conveyed this year. Who ooh oh? There's no way you can get into right. And that's the main point in wanted to say that I remember the structure of this year. Is that really a strong top six in each conference. It's and that those are based on record. That's not based on any sort of lottery so the thunder don't really have a whole lot of choice in the matter but also second round picks in less those are are. Let's say if the thunder of one of the ten worst records during that time. They're not a super valuable so I would say it is better for them to delay it and we have no idea where the thunder we're going to be at that point so yeah it's better off But it is an interesting question just in terms of the value the value conveyed either way but we can go to from at J. P. O. S. U.. How is Oklahoma City's? He's this regard lineup able to hold up reasonably well defensively. I looked this up a little bit on cleanly lassen also of course watching the film by is just about popped out of my head. I just looked up right now. Oh Yeah and the differential with those three is it's shocking. I mean a lot of that is offensive. Li they've been they've been dominant on the offensive but defensively. They're a couple of different things point. One is enforcing OUGHTA turnovers. That's not a huge surprise. When you have Chris Paul in the four but there is a lot lot lot lot lot of opponent shooting luck there? And so while. I think you WanNa give Stephen Adams and you WANNA give those three guys credit especially because they've been playing without a traditional for a lot of the time it's been Gallo and a few other guys but there is a lot of shooting like there and so this could could be a circumstance like the Denver Nuggets. We talked about earlier in the podcast. We didn't focus on this as much but that generally shooting luck comes down to Earth especially when you're dealing with small sample. The offense has been preposterous with that group on the floor. One thirty five and a half offense running remembered. This is the unit that they close with a lot of times so an Chris Paul has been maybe the best clutch player in the NBA. This season and I mean you remember the early on in the year. They are way under perform their point differential like all. They're losing all these close games now. They've just been going crazy in these close games. So Yeah I mean that closing lineup that they have with Gallo at the Foreign Adams at the five th has been really effective in five five hundred twenty one possession so it's not a tiny number about five games worth of with those three guards on the floor together and they don't start the game so this is mostly and to have that you're seeing all those guys together and that's when you're GonNa make the most difference especially at the end of the second half and the thing that I would add though in terms of Wyatt's it's working other than just random variation. Yeah that is not. You know T- greatest lineup in NBA history. So it's probably GONNA come down. A little. Bit is part of its Chris. Paul I mean we uh-huh no go ahead. You're you're you're part of it. Is that Chris. Paul can guard larger players but another part of it is for example. They're playing the nets the other other night writing Chris Paul Has this awesome ended. The game hits eight million elbow jumpers in a row and rock the NECES- sleep who on the nets. Are you like. Oh man man she guild just Alexandra's too small guard. This guy is a three. There's there's a lot of teams where you just that lack of height isn't GonNa get you and you've got enough size with Adams we're you can hold up okay and Gallo. I think it's been a little better defensively this year than he was last year for the clippers. And so that's really what it is. It's like there's not that many teams where you're just like Oh man now if you're trying to win the playoffs yeah you know you'd probably be enrolled but in your day to day regular season. Not that much issue hosein. We've Sir Oh we we have about two and a half minutes. We can start with this one from at red fork lawyer. What would it take for you to trade gallery? Adam shooter and Chris Paul basically how do you balance short-term and long-term goals Chris. Paul is such a gigantic piece in terms of his salary. I think that those traits are entirely separate. Gallon Nari to me. I think that if team team gives you real positive value remember that with him pending free agent the only one actually does for who is a Gal said it would take a first runner. I mean a really it to me. If it's like a clear top five second and we kind of have an idea of the worst teams are. I would consider it there on. WHO's trading for him? That has that record exactly. So it's a other than maybe the PELS depends the only one yeah and remember that with Gala Nari what why I talked about him specifically as a as a pending free agent agent that. Hopefully you have a better idea of what it's going to take to resign and Adams and shooter and Chris Paul. Those guys are under contract. So you know exactly what it's GonNa take to retain them because you already are retaining them as an can. I break it on those guys were I would say honestly probably anything positive yet. Me and especially like Adams is a very very good player and I think he's been underappreciated part of their success especially recently but he's paid so much and I guess I mean the question also is what's coming back right if you say okay I'll give you a first round pick but you gotta take back Gorji Jiang and some other salary filler. Yeah probably do that..

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