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One zero three one WG wine top story the coastguards expected to begin its investigation this weekend. Who precisely what happened and why on Friday morning when eight vessels broke loose on the Hudson river, one of them, the captain JP ended up underneath the Livingston avenue. Amtrak bridge disrupting passenger train service for a bit. And it drew quite a crowd at the Corning preserve crazy not because it happened. But because this is what nature can do. And a lot of people don't realize that the owner of the JP. Jim pleasure is now saying he. Plans to repair the craft and put it back into service. It's secured at its docking place in Troy reports indicate he plans to have it towed to a shipyard for repairs once the ice breaks damage. He says looks to be in the range of seventy five to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars the bridge, by the way was not damaged state. Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the child victims act today. Sara Lee Kessler with that the legislation allows sex abuse victims to take legal action through h fifty five rather than the current cutoff of age twenty three. It would also open a one year revival window for victims of any age to sue over alleged sex abuse that may have taken place decades earlier, the Catholic church has long been opposed to legislation like this. But a signal that it'll drop its opposition. If public schools are included in the Bill to Sara Lee Kessler, NewsRadio eight ten and one of three one WG. Y Cuomo is set to meet with child abuse survivors at the capitol at this hour, joy mayor Patrick Madden is running for a second. Term Madden says he looks forward to engaging with the community in an effort to build a stronger more vibrant future for all residents. He sounds over the last three years financial progress has been made in the city are doing better, we're on the right path. But we're not out of the woods yet. We have a balanced budget. We have credit upgrades are risk rating went down. So we've made some some considerable progress in that regard on other issues Madden tells W G Y Newsday's sketched out some rough ideas for the future of one monument square. He says the next step is to find out.

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