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Flexible and scalable solution so Northern Virginia can get back to business. Learn more at Cook's business dot com I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And now to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Ricketts. We have a spotty storm later on this afternoon, but again very similar to yesterday, where the majority of us are staying dry. Now all of us are staying hot Temperatures low nineties feeling close to 100 agrees with the humidity but again of pop up showers. Thunderstorms possible same deal. Tomorrow. We're going to plenty of sunshine. Maybe some fog in the morning temperatures low nineties feeling close to 100 degrees, And once again we'll have maybe a spotty shower to better chance of rain Wednesday afternoon is a frontal system approaches the area. Rain. Chances continue Thursday, Friday and into the weekend Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets 90 in college Park, now 91 in Warrenton, and also 91 here in Washington, brought to you by new look home design, no interest and no payments for six months after roofing installation. 12 21. Now the story we're following for you. This afternoon is the latest out of Baltimore, a major gas explosion, which has killed a woman and critically injured four others. Now three homes exploded on Reisterstown Road in northwest Baltimore at about 10 30 this morning, Baltimore City Fire spokesman spokeswoman Blair Adam says crews air still actively searching through the debris there. We have our eyes on one additional person that we're trying to pull out right now. Now we don't know exactly what caused the gas explosion. But PG and E is on the scene there and working closely with firefighters to.

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