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A wave of your hand. Now come, come. You wouldn't want me to do that. How would you explain it, Henry? Is anything wrong? Oh, Julia. I'm sorry. I'm Dudley. Henry is engaging me to help with his work. Oh, do you mean you're gonna be his assistant? Not exactly. I'm going to help Henry to get some relaxation. Oh, that is just what I've been praying for You too. Oh, I'm so relieved Henry. Where do you come from deadly. Oh, all around this man playing. I've been doing some social service work downtown. Julie, If you don't mind, I must talk to this. This gentleman alone. Oh, of course. I'll wait in the dining room that night, Nigeria. See you in the morning in the morning, Right? And early. Are you quite sure you're in Angel? I know it isn't easy, Henry. But you've just got to take me on faith. Yeah, but for how long until you can utter another prayer and say that you have no further need of me. Julia's waiting, Henry. Yes, I know, but I still don't understand. Juggling. Dudley Dudley. Well, you exactly you're listening to a special radio theater presentation of the Bishop's wife of Cairo. Radio. 97 3, FL. Henry. What is the rest of Dudley's name? I don't know. Henry, You look pale. And you're trembling. You said a lesser man would quiver. Oh, you're gonna feel better after you've eaten and Matilda has baked your favorite dessert, Dear. Angel Food cake Morning. Every well here I am completely at your service. Certainly I did not sleep. 20 minutes last night. I am in a highly nervous condition. Well, then the first thing we'll have to do. Oh, good morning,.

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