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If nothing else a wake up call and extend somebody has the information you need to keep you and your family safe make it part of your emergency plan and staying with us for up to the minute reports okay and extend seventy news radio and on us it's seven twenty three the quake felt far and wide Victor from bullhead city Arizona tells KNX he felt a gentle swaying this morning and all of a sudden I feel a little rocky and I go wait a minute there's no earthquakes here in Arizona so I kept going for about I'm gonna say ten to fifteen seconds but it was very very slow jump ball rolling very very little and I ended up looking at the chandelier can I see the chandelier moving and then I look all nice all the water sloshing back report will open joys in Lamar park says she was watching her grandson when it hit a grand and I were watching television in the in the stands and all of a sudden with women will start saying and I sent the grammar earthquake and I've been insurance she went to the Northridge quake in ninety four says this was not nearly as severe that one should more and for a longer period of time naval air weapons station China lake is right next to ridgecrest commanding officer captain Paul Dale says officials are checking for damage I don't want particulars but yeah there's a question about the roadways we all of our roadways are passable are intricate full points are operating we've obviously increase the number of personnel that would be conducting operations on the July fourth holiday he said station officials have been talking a military higher ups and local officials Dale says the airfield at the station will be operational tomorrow LA county fire hasn't search and rescue teams to the ridge crest area to help with recovery efforts so our urban search and rescue teams are specifically trained and experts in the area of collapse structures of live as well as the seas body recoveries and a multitude sort of other specialty that allow them to work in an area such as an earthquake disaster that's LA county fire inspector Brian Stevens so far the good news no reports of any collapsed buildings or major injuries Kern county fire says there have only been minor injuries we have in depth team coverage of president trump's fourth of July speech at the nation's capital we're gonna have a that story coming up at the bottom of the hour right now seven twenty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five this report brought you by Amtrak years many projects well it's the calm before the fireworks barrage and plenty of places to go in Orange County Santa.

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