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An elementary school teacher in Washington state died from exposure during this week's snowstorm Kathy Jenks was reported missing on Monday heavy snow fell Sunday evening into Monday morning temperatures dipped into the upper twenties her body was found by somebody in a neighborhood passing by now the medical examiner in Snohomish county reports Jenks died of hypothermia little cedars elementary school he sent a letter to families telling them of the news police believe her death was accidental Alex stone ABC news the Senate starts the impeachment trial on Tuesday Oregon senator Ron Wyden says he is working for a just outcome and not a political decision white and says new evidence needs to be considered including the documents about comments from the president's attorney Rudy guiliani saying that it was his mission Mr Giuliani's mission to dig up dirt and he was doing it at the direction the president says he believes witness testimony needs to be taken in the documents in the case considered in order to reach due process the Supreme Court is agreeing to take up a case that raises questions about the electoral college the question is whether electors are required to follow the results of the popular vote or are they free to vote as they wish the United States is always elected the president and vice president for the electoral system never directly from a popular vote more than half of the states have laws requiring electors to obey the results of the popular vote in their states and cast their ballots accordingly the jury is seated in the Harvey Weinstein trial a jury of seven men and five women has been selected to hear the evidence against Harvey Weinstein who was charged with five felony counts of rape in forcible sex assault it took nearly two weeks to choose the jury and the defense complaints that excessive publicity made fairness impossible prosecutors stressed the need for jurors to pay close attention to potentially disturbing testimony from witnesses who could be panic stricken the defense as jurors whether they could a quick one Steen even if it's not the popular verdict Erin Peters ski ABC news New York for the first time since twenty twelve Iran supremely led the Friday Muslim prayers in Tehran and he slammed president trump Arron supreme leader under fire at home for the downing of a commercial airliner went on the attack against the U. S. in his first Friday sermon in eight years Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called president trump a quote clown who put a poisonous dagger in the backs of Iranians the president publicly supported Ronnie an anti government protesters common they also implied a Ron may attack more U. S. troops in assets as he promised to force American troops out of the Middle East Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem in plaster county California one person was killed another person suffered a serious injury in an avalanche now the alpine meadows ski resort yeah but he's and a search rescue team of now called off the search for any other possible victims marijuana and CB research is limited by federal laws Oregon congressman break Walden says many of the products promise health benefits while there's potential for C. B. D. to provide real patient benefit the research and science lags far behind the market the agencies are struggling to catch up mom says allows me to change to allow research but he opposes the listing marijuana as a controlled substance until more research is complete Walton's energy and commerce committee is considering several bills that would allow more research into marijuana and see beauty products on Wall Street today the Dow ended the day up fifty points nasdaq.

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