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Of the. Doctors within our hug alliance he's a clinical psychologist who has a book coming out, twenty one day hugs hugging Twenty-one people over twenty one days for twenty. One seconds at a time and it's that connection point in longer hugs. That has really been researched we're in. The list, is so long I mean we we could be on for an, hour talking about the benefits but some of the. Most common. Ones now that Are all the things that. Involve different, chemicals in the body oxytocin serotonin dopamine those kind of what we, call tonic chemicals in good feeling chemicals of re There's more of them, your. Body produces more of those and it reduces the stress hormone also known as Slipped my mind for a minute Cortisol You, know you try to, now but that's the one that you know we've always had for fight or flight when your fear fair based along with, adrenaline those the ones. That so by doing, that as you as a, chemical go in different directions with increases and decreases reduce stress and worrying, anxiety you increase your, calmness It, involves more compassionate and understanding, of of the people that you're with and one of my favorites because, we're such a supplement Kind of world is a supplement seems for everything I. Really have been researched to stimulate your immune system Wow I have no idea about, that Rick's tell me and we're going to. Say again, Rick Morrison is the founder of the hug. Alliance? Co author of the children's book? The hug store what what got you involved in this My daughter Honestly I have always. Been harder Some of the people you know we might, even say a, world class, hugger but, I never you know it's hugging. It's part of who I am so I never really thought there'd be a path to really count explore hugs and try to get the word out. On the benefits to the masses but my, daughter and I are so close we wrote this children's book, together, and it's kind of been After listen in getting it out there because there's such a need these days with so much vision and separateness and you. Know actually with everything going on so much, to the me too campaign it's like we don't you know Hug just ask. The person, you're going. To hard I'd love to hug you would you would you welcome my heart NFL, obviously, for people you don't know or don't know, well but, even within the context of the, families you know people don't stop to hug Might do a little quick kiss little, Pat, on the back but you're not really getting, those benefits, that we spoke of earlier It's so funny you, say that Rick because I notice people who are like you say you're a world class. Hugger I noticed. People who give really I call them. Really sincere good hugs and I, have a couple of. Friends that, are it's just awesome. And, they hug you. And it is it. Isn't this like I mean it just feels good. I there there's something about it, well I don't know there's research on this I haven't, seen anything at. Least on our end it's come through the hug alliance but I'd, always goes back to when you are born you've been hugged her You. Know virtually nine months and you're and. You're used to having.

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