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Day for kids around LA back to school today of a live report coming up in less than two minutes ten oh five gallon KNX traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five here is Desmond Shaw it is going to be a imago Messi that day here we've got this huge issue the Jennifer's tell me about on the a four or five in a Long Beach both sides are affected south bound for all five of the seven ten where the crash occurred with the some other was hauling huge pipes these pipes are thirty to fifty inches of feet long actually they're saying here and those pipes came into the northbound lanes to get the carpal three left lanes blocked on both sides of the four or five approaching the seven ten it's going to take hours for a to clean this up they got to get a crane out there on the scene so it's going to take probably a you know our system at the crane there so the southbound side right now is jammed coming away from Carson street north bound is crawling from bellflower Boulevard obviously needs some alternates willow street is one that comes to mind is still actually pretty functional it looks like people are trying to get to Wardlow road that's the the closest immediate wanted that starting to channel so I would recommend using willow out right now around this the westbound side of the ninety one eighty people are picking out of trying to get around it looks kind of messy as you try to cross the S. seven ten and that you know what we actually had a crash that was the westbound side of actually to the south seven ten on your connected to the eastbound ninety one a crash with injuries they may have to block off that connect direct westbound on the a one oh five still on or off the brakes from the seven ten getting over to I just about LA acts had a bad crash on PCH looks like it's in the clearing stages finally southbound PCH past coastlines that's passed out to paying a canyon we had some lanes blocked but a huge backup from well before a big rock actually about a mile or so almost back from Los Flores south bound to pick a pretty busy coming out of the village because this about thing should begin to improve southbound four or five so awful from victory down to just about Skirball center Dr new rec for south LA northbound side of the one ten at Manchester looks like a couple cars got into it second lane from the left taken away agenda drive from the one of five in a downtown LA next report to ten fifteen of Desmond Shaw with more traffic up more often can extend seventy newsradio is southern California weather nice day today sunshine we're looking at highs mid seventies along the coast mid eighties inland getting into the mid nineties in the valleys overnight lows.

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