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You're right he could be. I mean we don't even it's a he. Yeah we know about this person as you say that I feel confident this is a hey it feels like A. Hey let's well we all we know about. Who's he lives in working king and his name is MDC Gandhi. I don't know that stands for or even got the correct order but he he really fascinates me this guy and you know what. There's a spa me. The we'll probably miss if he eventually does relented and say no. You're right misunderstood. Were greater London means of course workings not in it. I'll be side. It's all over because I really enjoy the mental exercise excise of trying to argue back in such a way that he cannot possibly disagree but being really excited knowing that he will find a way so where. Where does London stop? What conclusion did your age? Well this is the thing my research for the video and my practice arguing with him has made me realize that this is actually quite a hard question to answer whereas Greater London Stop. Everyone knows except this guy. It's on the map however exactly what you judge to be. London depends on so much because it might be the twenty five for some people or it might be the area where you pick up London. TV and radio or it could be the London postcode or it could even be for some much older people as the county of London. Some people might say that places like stanmore or Enfield London Middlesex. These people still exist. Who so I think? It's I think there isn't imbalance. I think areas to the north west of London a more likely to think compels with London than areas to the south and east. I think the reason for that is that Middlesex has always been a London county. Middlesex includes the county of London. Whereas is if you live in places like Kingston? It's never really felt London until nineteen sixty five. And even now Kingston is the county town of. Sorry yeah when I so. I think that's another reason. Jimmy's Sousse the tube. Yeah got to the North West far before near us. But yet when I before I was a city metric I used to be contributing editor at London's West and there was any article article in this kind of topic. Many of which you've probably come across new research for this stuff that those articles but there was always a guy from Kingston Sang Kingston. He's a non White House the law and I'm familiar with this kind of attitude Romford which is northeast from the South West but is very very essex Culturally there it feels very ethics is to quite white. It's it politically quite different from London. Proper is true there's so many graphs and maps you can look at where hazing doesn't really belong in the rest of Greater London that goes onto explain this hectic campaign the nearly happened. Yeah which was hilarious. I think we talk about excellent. Excellent podcast. The contingent on the local council tried to get haboring taken out of Greater London and Becomes Unitary Authority in the county of Essex. I'm Tories stories of actually run. The council like No. That's who were stupid thing to do. Because we believe in a load shared systems it's of creating loaded administrative work the no actual benefit you would think that the relevance of `having feel like they culturally you know in the solar part of Essex. They should be happy. Because it still feels like Essex they still have the Word Essex on their they get they get the best of both. But then if you're looking at people who are in favor of Brexit the you know the idea of best both probably they don't really understand this. This is confused me. 'cause like all the arguments against exit doubles arguments gets brexit in there on Tokyo. Yes I think there is just if you're kind of thinking king rather than kind of looking ACTU- suits of you know rules based versions of what London as like you know. Here's the great. London mound has the phone. Code has the postcode. I think there are kind of if you kind of look at this. Other fluffy conceptual ideas. I think there is a sort of a thing that feels like proper lunden which is zones wanted to maybe be bits of free email before catching me. But you know. It's the thing where like people will have sort of quiet metropolitan attitudes. They will kind of not think twice about bad light nipping to a drink and different breath town. They were kind of involved involved in the cultural life of the city. There is kind of that kind of London which a lot smaller than greater London. And the interesting thing about about that particular London that you're referring to. I wasn't really aware of it until I quite recently moved to Enfield so out of it I have so. Yeah that's right so because Enfield it's technically in greater London and it is in London however it's only when I started living there that I realized it doesn't feel like part of London I now whenever I get the train and it has is to be a trained on all the tube I feel like traveled far and I feel like the architecture and the culture has changed and I sort of. I realized that other people in the rest of London. They don't go to until they won't look give Infield a try because it's not that even at radius far out and I spend and lesser. Got Something very specific to do in central London. I don't really spend much time in London. I've recently become aware of this other London that you talk about when really it's I. Guess is the pre nineteen sixty five county of London boundary. But we know I mean you say you grew up in edgeware. Will you not kind of meat. That's in the suit of suburban London rather than proper London. It is but I was younger then. I sort of I will I lived. I grew up in Steinbach and the first time that I actually lived in London outside outside my parents houses. I lived in in Cuban and got to know Cuban very well really liked it and then when I moved again of now gone up to Enfield and I realized that it's It is very different. Living on the very outskirts of London has a grownup. Yeah you can imagine light so having grown up in a zone six and eastern fringes London. It's as a kid. I was always slightly wheatley. Insecure about this. I know is London honestly and that's kind of that is true economically. It's part of London. A lot of people that commute into town on this time of year people can say oh you going home for Christmas is no because it's the end of the Buddhist temple drive away it's not. It's not something you need to kind of travel to him back to. It's a commuter of like a journey but anyth- of away. It's not London the tool yet. People get very emotional about it. I remember one time I was trying to convince is a friends. Come and see me when I was still living in stanmore and he was saying. That's not London that doesn't count as London and that her feelings. Because you know he's questioning my identity. Maybe that's a a good definition that maybe it's like proper London stops when you get to somewhere where a friend who lives in Hackney. Oh Peckham would never consider coming for drink. The interesting thing is is how different people have different parameters what it should be so for example. I once saw an interview with Hugh Laurie. He was on American TV. And the guy's interviewing him saying now you grew up Augsburg which now of course. That's quite trust London. So you surely got to see shows in the west end or the time and I'm watching it thinking Americans light will they can think about is how close something is to London. Also it's nowhere. We're near London. But you know on a scale of thousands of miles. I guess. Isn't that far away yeah. Hillary follows me on twitter by the way. Honestly this it's crappy. Yeah but that was the best when it relates you. Larry follow me on twitter. Hugh grant as the coveted double hugh often. But this is kind of so. Let's go to the other extreme. This is something I I've I feel when I go to like an American city or something when you're in the suburbs November Americans summer in Long Island saying he. I know it's not technically but it is pretty much New York isn't it. I mean like from an external perspective. It's you're still very much in the orbit of New York Care even more so than that is just across the Hudson. What's the river if you're in New Jersey now hoboken it's just it's it's just nuke is just let? Americans New Yorkers particularly are obsessed with the idea that New York is only the five boroughs and despite the fact that New Jersey is within spitting distance. Because it's a different state. They refuse to acknowledge that his power the same conurbation and they get really touch about it. Much it's more than we did. You compare that to Paris where go extremely clear divide. What's his Paris? And what is not everything inside the ring road. Peripherique is officially Paris and everything outside outside that despite the fact that when you look at it from space of course it's Paris they don't call it Paris. It's you know they. They look suburbs very differently from how we do something unnoticed doing research research for the video about. Where does London stop is that London is unusual for big city? It doesn't really have a clear edge when you look at it from spaces. Spot is out gradually whereas of the big cities they just abruptly stop. That's interesting gymnast. The green belt policy even his way the city has grown was. Did you have any theories will. The green belt policy came came in after the sputtering out had happened by itself. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that when you hop over the other side of the greenbelt you get satellite towns places like stevenage and Harlow and that's what gives it the sputtering effect maybe to kind of let draw parallels between the New Jersey New York thing I think if if someone grupp missing ever saw that the world and came to London they would not see a particular difference between Enfield and Romford him woking no. You've got the same sort of place. In the fact that one of them is the wrong side of the motorway in the official boundary doesn't so from that point of view. You're working mom is on the rights and they the thing is he's absolutely right. He's entitled to feel like London. You know if you you can. I mean he was arguing correctly that you can actually commute to Waterloo quicker from working than you can from Enfield from say he might claim he has more decorum himself a cultural London of an I do but of course he was wrong about the actual boundary. But this is where it's interesting sort of the London -ness of a place is entirely in your head. So I've we've become less of a purist about this order because I used to be. Let your great London as the boundary and. I now think that's in officially troop but let's not think Baz nonsense in this like so. My favorite example of this is there is two semi detached houses and the Puck Hurst Hill Airbus till kind of Woodford area just on the new face infringes a London. I'm one of these. Houses is in the London borough of Redbridge and the other is in the explorer of Epping Forest. Really they actually. They put the divide between a semi attached. I mean the divide is older than the building to put the bill. But it does mean and you can tell this from the street. Sign the fat. The Cleveland Tarmac on different schedules. And you can tell the boundary runs right through this house..

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