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Go by an eighty two thousand five from audio technica and you will send a thousand times better that's what brian uses on the show every week cost less than a blue yeti by the way by half and you'll sound great so that's why i hate blue but don't you think but i i get what you're coming from don't you think that the that the blue yetis are a step up from using their ear buds well yes but a blue yet he's gonna cost you one hundred thirty dollars right a blue snowballs gonna cost you fifty dollars for five bucks in a blue snowball i did a show last week for the jordan harbinger show where the guest had a blue snowball we could hear his girlfriend typing twenty feet away and she had to leave the room i'm not kidding yeah i run into yeah and to fix it i have to use a thousand dollar piece of software is atop rx pro advanced to to fix the audio so it sounds like he's good and then manually do it so i have to to to use a fifty dollar mike you have to buy a thousand dollar piece of software how does the math work on that when you can buy an eighty dollar mike and not have to use any software that's why hate blue and just the the problem is they look cool you know everybody thinks that and that's why i bought it i thought it looked cool i'm not i'm not immune to that in shape or form but i'm just trying to tell people out there that blue products for new podcasters our waste of your money and you're going to eventually burn it in upgrade or you're not gonna podcast anymore right there better choices for comparable money the two thousand five is my goto mike with a pop filter because it is not great with plo cives but the the at are twenty one hundred is what a lot of people by even though the internals are the same the two thousand five gives you a carrying case as well and it looks cooler because it's black end the problem with the at are twenty one hundred is the switch to turn it on and off is is raised in they break off often the two thousand five is flat so they don't break so that's.

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