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By the news today speaking with Steven Jones before the news came out ignore that Gregory still has challenges that he has to deal with. But they commended him for the play that he has an issue that he had in two thousand eighteen and they're hope really is that by the time that he gets back on the field in two thousand nineteen that will take care of everything both on and off the field and be there on the cowboy star playing football again next September doesn't sound familiar. And it's not so much to do with Randy, Gregory. Doesn't sound familiar when it comes to Josh Gordon. Why are we hearing a lot about that? When Josh Gordon finding was cut loose better. Cleveland browns. They said, yeah, we weren't surprised by this. We've tried and tried and tried. But you just can't keep it together. We weren't surprised by him putting him so back in that situation. Again, even knowing the patriots. They wanted surprising. They cut bait with Josh's, Gordon. Well, they moved on from him. That is Randy Gregory, he and Josh Gordon are the same dude. Loads of talent loads of ability people wanting to give them chance after chance at the chance getting chance after chance after chance and yet was not good enough for them to stay away. From those teams stay away from all of that. That could bring them down. Josh growing is ever going to play in the National Football League. But two teams had enough to team said, you know, what we know about your ability. You seem to be a good dude who continues to put himself in bat in a bad way. We can't have that on his football team. We're not going to do that. We're not going to waste our time with you. If you don't wanna waste enough time to make sure that you're going to be right. That you're not going to continue to have definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result expecting people to give you more of a pass more of a chance. I can't wait to find out. How both of these guys Randy Gregory. And Josh, Gordon. How would they handle another self inflicted setback? This has nothing to do with the NFL being too hard on both of these guys. This has nothing to do with the teams cutting these guys and not giving them a fair shake both Randy Gregory. And Josh Gordon have got more than a fair shake. So now, it is on them how they going to handle another self inflicted setback for Randy Gregory's sake. He's in a better position than Josh. Gordon? Jeff, Gordon does not have a team. Randy Gregory does with the Dallas Cowboys even Steven Jones. Jerry Jones Assan said, of course, they don't like what's gone on your Randy, Gregory. But they want to do everything they can to make sure the person is better. He stressed that. The person is better. They want the player to be great too. Because the Cowboys are desperate win the championship. But there's something about Randy Gregory that this gotta be a likeability factor with him. Because Josh growing had a likeability factor too. And Cleveland New England said enough done period in the story, browsing up put himself as a desperate team. The pages did not put themselves at a desperate team with. Josh, gordon. The Cowboys by not giving up on Randy Gregory eighteen that is desperate desperately win a championship. And that guy's talent has been way too much with them to ignore. But for me here on Freddie and Fitz Simons on Freddie, Coleman on ESPN radio and the ESPN app for me. It's not about feeling sorry for either one of these guys because I refused do that. When you had the gifts opportunities that both Josh, Gordon and Randy Gregg have had. And maybe they will again, we not ital- is a great great narcotic for NFL teams. It is very seductive. It is very inducing. It is very when you see a guy with not just game changing ability. But Sammy shift changing ability and Josh Gordon has that a wide receiver. There's no doubt about that. Randy, Gregory has that playing defensive end when you got a defensive line with him and DeMarcus Lawrence you 'cause a lot of problems offensive lines. And we saw that when Randy Gregory seen the not being that dark place anymore, and he played even when he had a couple of mistakes his towels able to override those mistakes in the football field because he was making plays you had to deal with that guy from a game plan standpoint. So because it had -bility because of their gifts it's no guarantee that either one Josh, Gordon and Randy Gregory or get another shot in the National Football League. And Randy Gregg more than Josh Gordon because he's still a member of the Dallas Cowboys it to me. It's not about feeling sorry for them. I'm not going to do that. And neither should you this on both of these guys to try to find a way out of the hell that they put themselves in. When the pages cut a guy loose that was helping them on the football field. It went far beyond football. And they said we're not gonna have this blow up in our face. We're not going to do that. I can't wait to hear. Also, Jerry Jones is going to do because I wonder how many people in the organization of telling him. I know you care about this young, man. I know you believe in this talent. But do we really want to continue down this road with four times? Four times he has been suspended by the NFL four-times. Randy Gregory can't keep it together. Four times the Dallas Cowboys probably have not been surprised when the NFL brought the hammer down on him once again. When did Dallas cowboy say enough? But more importantly when do Randy Gregory. And Josh Gordon say enough. That's what I that's the answer. I wanna find out from both of those guys if the Cowboys decided to cut him I'd be surprised about that. I really really would it would be in their best interest to do. So and let Randy Gregory try to figure out who Randy Gregory is what Randy Gregory is going to be. And you can see afraid has really cold to say he deserves a second chance. He's gotten for them. He's gotten at least three what when you try to save somebody that may not want to be saved that can't be saved. It's a cold world that we live in Randy Gregory should have been able to at least figure that out. He has not come from the best of circumstances. In terms of growing up and dealing with stuff. You would think that would factor into his equation, apparently, not so whatever help he needs. It can't be the Cowboys doing it for him. Randy Gregg has to do it himself. Josh Gordon has to do it himself. These are the same guy. These are the same man and that same man time and time again as put that man in a difficult situation. When do they say enough before their team does it for them? 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